Children’s Private & Semi-Privates Lessons: Spring & Summer 2017

Is your child having difficulty improving a stroke, overcoming a hurdle or finishing a swim level? Private and semi-private lessons are excellent alternatives to group lessons. Your child will work one-on-one with a certified swimming instructor who will create individualized lesson plans and goals. NOTE: Semi-private lessons are designed for 2-3 children at approximately the same level of swimming ability. You need to have a 2nd and/or 3rd child to register for semi-private lessons. As Semi-Private registrations CANNOT be done online, please contact us to register.

As you will see below, there is a wide range of days and times-slots available for private and semi-private swim lessons. Spring 2017: There will be two sessions of (4) lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons, beginning in early May and running until the end of June. The (4) lesson fees are listed below. We will also run our regular (5) lesson private & semi-private programs on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, beginning in late May after the Victoria Day weekend. Do not wait too long to register for these private/semi-private timeslots, as Instructor availability is limited and some barcodes will sell-out. If your barcode of choice is full, please add your name to the WAIT LIST.

Update June 12, 2017: Registration for our SUMMER Private & Semi-Private lesson programs will open at 8:30 AM on Tuesday June 13, 2017. The barcodes, dates, timeslot and # of Swim Instructor available are listed below. 


Semi-Private: (5) 30 minutes lessons – $66.25 each – max of 3 at same swim level.
Private Lesson: (5) 30 minute lessons – $96.25

Spring: Semi-Priv Fee: (4) lessons – $53.00 per swimmer – max of 3 at same swim level.
Spring: Private Lesson Fee: (4) lessons – $77.00 

Summer Semi-Private: (4) 40 minutes lessons – $66.25 each – max of 3 at same swim level.
Summer Private Lesson: (4) 40 minute lessons – $96.25

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateLessonsTimes# of Instructors
13288MonMay 1May 2944:30-5:00 pm3 – no class May 22
13291MonMay 1May 2945:00-5:30 pm3 – no class May 22
13289MonMay 1May 2945:30-6:00 pm3 – no class May 22
13276MonJune 5June 2644:30-5:00 pm3
13277MonJune 5June 2645:00-5:30 pm3
13278MonJune 5June 2645:30-6:00 pm3
13279TuesMay 9May 3044:00-4:30 pm3
13294TuesMay 9May 3044:30-5:00 pm3
13295TuesJune 6June 2744:00-4:30 pm3
13280TuesJune 6June 2744:30-5:00 pm3
13281WedsMay 10May 3144:30-5:00 pm3
13284WedsMay 10May 3145:00-5:30 pm3
13282WedsMay 10May 3145:30-6:00 pm3
13290WedsJune 7June 2844:30-5:00 pm3
13283WedsJune 7June 2845:00-5:30 pm3
13285WedsJune 7June 2845:30-6:00 pm3
13292ThursMay 11June 144:00-4:30 pm3
13293ThursMay 11June 144:30-5:00 pm3
13286ThursJune 8June 2944:00-4:30 pm3
13287ThursJune 8June 2944:30-5:00 pm3
13296FriMay 26June 2355:30-6:00 pm10
13262FriMay 26June 2356:00-6:30 pm2
13263FriMay 26June 2356:30-7:00 pm2
13264FriMay 26June 2357:00-7:30 pm3
13265FriMay 26June 2357:30-8:00 pm3
13266SatMay 27June 2459:30-10:00 am10
13267SatMay 27June 24510:00-10:30 am3
13268SatMay 27June 24510:30-11:00 am3
13269SatMay 27June 24511:00-11:30 am3
13270SatMay 27June 24511:30 am-12:00 pm3
13271SatMay 27June 24512:00-12:30 pm12
13272SunMay 28June 2554:30-5:00 pm8
13273SunMay 28June 2555:00-5:30 pm8
13274SunMay 28June 2555:30-6:00 pm8
13275SunMay 28June 2556:00-6:30 pm8
 Summer Private & Semi-Private Lessons
CodeDaysStart DateEnd DateLessonsTimeslots# of Instructors
13319T-FJuly 4July 7411:30 am-12:10 pm10
13302T-FJuly 4July 744:30-5:10 pm3
13303T-FJuly 4July 745:20-6:00 pm3
13320M-FJuly 10July 14511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13254M-FJuly 10July 1454:30-5:00 pm3
13304M-FJuly 10July 1455:00-5:30 pm3
13305M-FJuly 10July 1455:30-6:00 pm3
13700M-FJuly 10July 1456:00-6:30 pm3
13321M-FJuly 17July 21511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13255M-FJuly 17July 2154:30-5:00 pm3
13306M-FJuly 17July 2155:00-5:30 pm3
13307M-FJuly 17July 2155:30-6:00 pm3
13701M-FJuly 17July 2156:00-6:30 pm3
13298M-FJuly 24July 28511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13256M-FJuly 24July 2854:30-5:00 pm3
13308M-FJuly 24July 2855:00-5:30 pm3
13309M-FJuly 24July 2855:30-6:00 pm3
13702M-FJuly 24July 2856:00-6:30 pm3
13323M-FJuly 31Aug 4511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13315M-FJuly 31Aug 454:30-5:00 pm3
13316M-FJuly 31Aug 455:00-5:30 pm3
13317M-FJuly 31Aug 455:30-6:00 pm3
13703M-ThJuly 31Aug 346:00-6:40 pm3
13299T-FAug 8Aug 11411:30 am-12:10 pm10
13310T-FAug 8Aug 1144:30-5:10 pm3
13324T-FAug 8Aug 1145:20-6:00 pm3
13300M-FAug 14Aug 18511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13318M-FAug 14Aug 1854:30-5:00 pm3
13311M-FAug 14Aug 1855:00-5:30 pm3
13312M-FAug 14Aug 1855:30-6:00 pm3
13704M-ThAug 14Aug 1746:00-6:40 pm3
13301M-FAug 21Aug 25511:35 am-12:05 pm4
13257M-FAug 21Aug 2554:30-5:00 pm3
13313M-FAug 21Aug 2555:00-5:30 pm3
13314M-FAug 21Aug 2555:30-6:00 pm3
13705M-FAug 21Aug 2556:00-6:30 pm3
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