Level 10 (Fall & Winter 2017-18)

This level is a final assessment of the strokes for technique and distance (front crawl 100m, back crawl 100m, elementary backstroke 50m and sidestroke 25m). Swimmers learn about sun safety, rescue of others from ice, and head-first and feet-first surface dives. Endurance is built using the dolphin kick (vertical) and a 500m swim.

CodeDayStart DateEnd Date + cancellation datesLessonsTimesFee
14563FriSep 22Nov 3 – not Oct 6, 2757:05-8:00 pm$74.00
14567SatSep 23Dec 9 – not Oct 7, 281010:05-10:55 am$92.00
14564FriNov 10Dec 857:05-8:00 pm$74.00
14565FriJan 12Feb 957:05-8:00 pm$74.00
14568SatJan 13April 7 – not Feb 24, March 17, 311010:05-10:55 am$92.00
14566FriFeb 16April 6 – not Feb 23, March 16, 3057:05-8:00 pm$74.00
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