Level 4 (Fall & Winter 2017-18)

This level introduces the front crawl (10m) and back swim with shoulder roll (15m). Swimmers work on kneeling dives, surface support (45 seconds, deep water) and developing a greater sense of self-safety by understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25m swim.

CodeDayStart DateEnd Date + cancellation datesLessonsTimesFee
14499FriSep 22Nov 3 – not Oct 6, 2756:05-7:00 pm$74.00
14503SatSep 23Dec 9 – not Oct 7, 281011:05-11:55 am$92.00
14500FriNov 10Dec 856:05-7:00 pm$74.00
14501FriJan 12Feb 956:05-7:00 pm$74.00
14504SatJan 13April 7 – not Feb 24, March 17, 311011:05-11:55 am$92.00
14502FriFeb 16April 6 – not Feb 23, March 16, 3056:05-7:00 pm$74.00
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