Power Swimming (Spring & Summer) – Levels 1 & 2

This Power Swimming (PS) program is oriented towards swimmers in levels 8 through 10, and beyond.The program focuses on the improvement of stroke mechan- ics, maximizing efficiency and endurance. Front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke are the focus of this program, as well as an introduction to butterfly. There will be an emphasis on the individual needs and objectives of each participant. New skill development will focus on competitive swimming skills, such as starts and turns.

Spring program registration opens on Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 8:30 AM.

There are no lessons scheduled on the Victoria Day weekend – SATURDAY MAY 20, 2017.

Update March 29, 2017: Our SUMMER Red Cross Swim Kids programs including Power Swimming will be announced in early May. Registration will open on Tuesday May 9, 2017.

CodeLevelDayStart DateEnd DateLessonsTimesFee
13521PS 1FriMay 26June 2356:05-7:00 pm$68.00
13531PS 2FriMay 26June 2357:05-8:00 pm$68.00
13522PS 1SatMay 13June 24610:05-10:55 am$56.00
13532PS 2SatMay 13June 24611:05-11:55 am$56.00
29/03/17: The dates & times below along with course barcodes & fees to be confirmed in early MAY
PS 1Mon-Fri511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 1Mon-Fri57:20-8:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriJuly 10July 14511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 1Mon-FriJuly 17July 21511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriJuly 24July 28511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriJuly 24July 2857:20-8:10 pm$56.00
PS 1Mon-FriJuly 31Aug 4511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriAug 14Aug 18511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 1Mon-FriAug 21Aug 25511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 1Mon-FriAug 21Aug 2557:20-8:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriAug 21Aug 25511:25 am-12:10 pm$56.00
PS 2Mon-FriAug 21Aug 2557:20-8:10 pm$56.00
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