Endurance Spinning for Triathletes

Are you a triathlete or duathlete looking to increase your performance on the bike? Have you plateaued or developed a comfort zone on the cycling portion of your races? Endurance Spinning for Triathletes is a class designed to keep you motivated while building your strength, stamina and endurance on the bike by training you to unlock your potential and set new personal bests on the bike by resetting your cadence higher using a larger gear. The principle is simple: ‘He or she who pushes the largest gear the fastest and the longest wins the race!’ We want to help you set personal bests or help you win races! When the mind is master of the body, you will be a better rider on the bike. The class has been developed to focus on the mind-body connection in cycling to help you focus and concentrate on holding cadence faster and longer while pushing you out of your gear and cadence comfort zone. Like changing a clock to the correct time, we need to reset or change your race pace. Register for this class and let us strengthen what is weak, make hard what is soft and make the mind master of the body and make you the best rider you can be!

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
12063SatSep 17Dec 10139-11 am$150.00$200.00
12064SatJan 14Apr 8139-11 am$150.00$200.00
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