Boot Camp

Are you looking for a wake up call? Then we want you! Kick start your engine with our cardio maneuvers and achieve your conditioning goals with our strengthening drills. Challenge yourself with a different workout every time. Ready, set, go !!

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
11760MonSep 12Dec 12137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11761WedSep 14Dec 7137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11763ThuSep 15Dec 8138:30-9:30 pm$33.00$43.00
11766FriSep 16Dec 9137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11851SunSep 18Dec 111310-11 am$33.00$43.00
11762MonJan 9Apr 10137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11764WedJan 11Apr 5137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11765ThuJan 12Apr 6138:30-9:30 pm$33.00$43.00
11767FriJan 13Apr 7137-8 am$33.00$43.00
11852SunJan 15Apr 91310-11 am$33.00$43.00