New Suspension Training in the Fitness Centre

NEW! Suspension Training

Small Group Training in the Fitness Centre

Want to learn something new this summer? Always wondered how to add a few new tools into your workout routine? Come join the Suspension Training Summer Circuit Workout!
A fun mix of strength and interval cardio training using the Suspension Training System, bands, medicine ball and body weight exercises. Learn a new routine and get motivated with a small group of people all lead by a certified instructor to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.
Interested but don’t want to commit to a whole summer program? Don’t worry, we are super flexible. Every 4 weeks a new session starts! Try something new with us!

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
13237Mon, WedMay 1May 2447-7:50 am$41.00$55.00
13241MonMay 1May 2247-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13225Tue, ThuMay 2May 25412:05-12:55 pm$41.00$55.00
13229TueMay 2May 23412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13245WedMay 3May 2447-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13233ThuMay 4May 25412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13238Mon, WedMay 29Jun 2147-7:50 am$41.00$55.00
13242MonMay 29Jun 1947-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13226Tue, ThuMay 30Jun 22412:05-12:55 pm$41.00$55.00
13230TueMay 30Jun 20412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13246WedMay 31Jun 2147-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13234ThuJun 1Jun 22412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13239Mon, WedJun 26Jul 1947-7:50 am$41.00$55.00
13243MonJun 26Jul 1747-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13227Tue, ThuJun 27Jul 20412:05-12:55 pm$41.00$55.00
13231TueJun 27Jul 18412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13247WedJun 28Jul 1947-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13235ThuJun 29Jul 20412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13240Mon, WedJul 24Aug 1647-7:50 am$41.00$55.00
13244MonJul 24Aug 1447-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13228Tue, ThuJul 25Aug 17412:05-12:55 pm$41.00$55.00
13232TueJul 25Aug 15412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
13248WedJul 26Aug 1647-7:50 am$26.00$35.00
13236ThuJul 27Aug 17412:05-12:55 pm$26.00$35.00
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