Intramurals 101

The simple guide to Carleton Intramurals!

Welcome to the Carleton Intramural sports program. Intramurals are fun sports leagues which are run by the Department of Athletics and Recreation exclusively for Carleton students, staff, faculty and fitness centre members*. This is a step by step guide to help you sign up and play in one of the sports league.

* People who are not current Carleton students, staff or gym members are not allowed to register or play in the intramural leagues, but they can sign up for the Adult Recreational Sports leagues which are open to everyone.

Pick a sport

We have a wide variety of sports, leagues and skill levels available. Click on sports offered to find a list of available sports. Click on the sport that interests you to find out about the different types of leagues, which day they are on and where they are held. The rules for many of the sports are available from individual sport pages.

Decide if you want to register as a team or an individual

If you have a whole group of friends who want to sign up as a team you can register a team for the league. You can also register as an individual and be placed together with other people who have registered as individuals in one of the Athletics teams to compete in the league. Usually around 30-40% of the teams in the league are formed in this way.

Sign Up

There is a small fee to join each league. Registration usually opens around six to eight weeks before the league begins. At the bottom of the page for each sport you will find a Register Now link which takes you to the online registration page. You can register here with a credit card. Alternatively, you can register in person at the customer services office in Alumni Hall (next to the control centre) from Monday to Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm and you can pay with cash, cheque or credit card.

Step-by-Step registration guide:

When you go to the intramural section and click on the register now button for your preferred sport it will take you to the registration page: Before you can do anything, you will have to create a login/account. Click on the “My Account” tab. If you are a student or staff member here, you automatically have a pin # and login ID. Click on:

“Students/Faculty/Staff – Retrieve your login ID and Account PIN “ in this screen to get your login ID if you do not already know it.

Once you have created or retrieved your information ID and taken a note of your login ID and pin# you can go ahead and register for the league:

To register as an INDIVIDUAL for the league:

Click on the “Activities” tab and then select “Intramural Leagues – Individual” from the list on the left hand side. You will then be able to select the sport and league that you would like to join.

Click on “Add” to add that sport to your basket. This will take you to the “My Cart” screen.

You should see a drop down box that says “Select Client” in it. Click on that and select your name and after a couple of seconds the screen updates and you will be able to click on the “Go to Checkout” button and complete your registration.

To register a TEAM:

Once you have created your account, click on the “My Account” tab and you should see a series of buttons: click on “Create a Team”.

Enter a team name and then when it says “The team was successfully created” click on the drop down menu to log yourself as “Soccer Player” and then hit “Submit”: you are now logged as the captain of that team.

You should now be back in the “My Account” tab. Hit “Register Team” and it should now say near the top of your screen that you are now “Logged in as XXXXXXXX (Your team name)

NOW you can go to the activities tab, click on “Intramural Leagues” and choose the league that you would like to register for and then hit “Add”.

You will then be taken to the “My Cart” screen where you can hit “Go to Checkout” and complete your registration.

Please Note: There is a non refundable convenience fee charged by the new registration system to all individual and team registrants: This fee goes directly to the company who host the registration software not to Carleton. It is only applicable to internet registrations. Anyone registering in person at the customer service office in Alumni Hall is NOT charged this fee.

Register your information

As well as the normal contact, payment and waiver information, you will be asked a couple of questions to help us make sure that you are placed in the best possible spot for you or your team. Teams and individuals will be asked to estimate their skill level from 1-5. Wherever possible we try to split the teams up into different divisions so that the better teams and players are playing against each other and the more recreational teams and players are playing at a level that suits them so that everyone is playing at a level that they enjoy and are comfortable with.

Individuals are also asked to give us the name of any other players that they would like to be in the same team as. For instance if you have 3 classmates that you would like to play in the same team as, but do not have enough players for a full team, register individually and fill in their names in this slot and when we allocate players to teams, we will put all of you in the same team. Remember, each of the players must also have signed up: if they miss the deadline or the league sells out before they register, we will not be able to add them to your team.

Fill in your team roster

A blank copy of the team roster is available online. If you have registered a team, fill in the captain’s contact details and the player names and bring it with you to the captain’s meeting or e-mail it to the Chris Surgeoner. Players can be added to the roster before each game during the season. Individuals will be asked to sign the roster before their first game.

Collect your t-shirts

Once the sign up period is complete a list of Captain’s meetings for each sport will be posted online on the intramurals webpage this will give you the time and place that you can collect your t-shirts and get any questions you may have answered. A representative of each team and anyone who signed up as an individual should attend. Each individual receives a t-shirt and each team receives a set of either 10 or 12 t-shirts depending on the league. These will be your team uniforms for the season so make sure you bring your shirt to every game.

Find out which team you are on

If you have signed up as an individual a list of the team allocations will be found at on the schedules page. These lists will not be posted until after the registration period has closed and are usually posted around a week before the league starts.

Get the league schedule

The league schedules will also be posted on the schedules page after the registration period closes and about a week before the league begins. Always double check the schedule before each week’s game as we occasionally have to make changes to the schedule during the season.

Enjoy the league!

Once you have all of the relevant information you are ready to go and play your first game. Remember to check your schedule so that you know when you play and the league standings will be posted online and once the regular season is complete the playoff schedules will be posted on the schedules page.