Intramural Recap: Coed Volleyball March 15

By Justine Ricketts

The first game of the night was between Just the Tip and Athletics 2. Both teams did their best and played a great game. Just the Tip excelled on the court and dominated the match. They were a strong offensive team and while Athletics 2 tried their best, Just the Tip broke through their defences time and time again. Just the Tip won the match 2-0.

The second game was between Kiss My Ace and Athletics 4. Kiss My Ace started off on a high note. The delivered strong spikes and ace serves. Athletics 4 also put their best foot forward and tried to dive for the ball when they could. It was clear that both teams wanted to win and advance to playoffs but in the end, it was Kiss My Ace that came out on top, winning with 2-0.

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