Intramural Recap: Ball Hockey March 26

By Tori McNeely

Tonight was the second last chance #CUintra’s Ball Hockey teams had to secure their spots in the tables before the playoffs.

At 7:00pm Ugly Pucklings and CU Winter Soldiers tied 5 – 5. It wasn’t until Ugly Pucklings tied it up 1 – 1 that they really kicked it into gear. CU Winter Soldiers really took advantage of the boards in helping them carry the ball up the court! Meanwhile, Ugly Pucklings’ Paul James scored an amazing hat trick!

In the following game, Ball Hockey Athletics 2 lost 0 – 5 against Ball Hockey Athletics 1. Despite losing, Ball Hockey Athletics 2 were true underdogs in giving it everything they had! It’s a surprise 5 goals got past their goalie because towards the end of the game he was saving balls left right and center.

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