Intramural Recap: Coed Volleyball March 13

By Justine Ricketts

The first game of the night was between was between We Showed Up and Hits Don’t Lie. Both teams were great, showcasing their teamwork and skills. The teams were evenly matched as Hits Don’t Lie won the first set and We Showed Up won the second. In the third and final round, Hits Don’t Lie fell a little short behind We Showed Up who won the game 2-1.

The second match was forfeited.

The third game was between The Family and How I Set Your Mother. It was an intense match between two strong teams. Both played exceptionally well, delivering ace serves and blocking a few hard spikes. How I Set Your Mother’s player suffered a minor injury when he was hit hard in the face with the ball but he was a champ and came back in the second set. In the end though, it was The Family that came out on top and won the game 2-0.

The fourth and final match of the night was between Practise Safe Sets and Safe Sets. Though these teams had similar names, they played very differently. Practice Safe Sets made determined and calculated plays while Safe Sets were definitely a more offensive team. Safe Sets won the game 2-0 but it was clear that both teams came out to have fun!

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