Intramural Recap: Dodgeball March 15

By Tori McNeely

After tonight there is only one week left until playoffs! If the competition wasn’t extremely obvious throughout the season, it is now.

Athletics 2 and Athletics 1 both forfeited their 7:00pm game.

At 7:45 Average Joe’s Gymnasium made an incredible comeback against Kings & Queens winning 3 – 1. In the first round, Kings & Queens dominated without losing a single player to the sidelines. Everyone was sure this would be an easy win, but Average Joe’s Gymnasium stepped up their game after that first round and dominated in the final two rounds.

C – Eng brought their A game in the third dodgeball match tonight, but Average Joe’s was still fired up from their last game. Average Joe’s Gymnasium snagged another 3 – 1 win! This game could have been the longest in #CUintra dodgeball history as with only 5 minutes to go on the clock, the scoreboard only read 1 – 1.

At 9:15, C – Eng redeemed themselves by winning against GLELadiators Lab. This makes GLELadiators Lab’s 5th loss in a row, and C – Eng’s 5th win in a row. These teams are from opposite ends of the tables so it’s no wonder the result.

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