Intramural Recap: Flag Football March 8th

By Tori McNeely

Last night was the final regular season game for many of the #CUintra flag football teams! The games were intense as this was the last chance for teams to determine what place they would be entering the playoffs in. Here are some of the highlights from last night’s games!

At 7:00, Young Bucks won by forfeit after Athletics 2 Flag Football was a no show. Had Athletics 2 Flag Football shown up and won this could have prevented them from entering the playoffs at the very bottom of the Division A tables. Young Bucks are tied for 1st with Dillon Panthers who took the field at 8:00.

Dillon Panthers put in twice as much effort as Show Me Them TD’s and it showed in the final score! Dillion Panthers won 62 – 32 against Show Me Them TD’s. Dillon Panthers were really on top of the ball in one play especially. The team scored a touchdown, and following the change of possession intercepted the ball so once again it was in their hands! Div A teams better look out for them in the playoffs.

Division B teams Will Decide Later and The Dangerous People took the football field at 9:00pm. The final score was 8 – 18 for The Dangerous People. This is just the win they needed to break the tie for 2nd in the tables and put them ahead on Ladies and Edelman.

In the last night’s final game, the referee had to force Ladies and Edelman to forfeit after tensions grew too high against vicious and malicious. Vicious and malicious has 8 straight wins and no losses! Look out Div B teams…I don’t think vicious and malicious plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Be sure to check out before playoffs for all the season’s #CUintra highlights. Live coverage will continue throughout playoffs so follow @RavensCentre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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