Children’s Private & Semi-Private Lessons: Fall & Winter 2017-18

Is your child having difficulty improving a stroke, overcoming a hurdle or finishing a swim level? Private and semi-private lessons are an excellent alternative to group lessons. Your child will work one-on-one with a certified swimming instructor who will create an individualized lesson plan and goals. NOTE: Semi-private lessons are designed for 2-3 children of approximately the same level of swimming ability. Semi- private registrations CANNOT be done online. Please register in-person or call 613-520-4480.

Semi Private lesson fee: $67.50 per swimmer (up to 3 swimmers)

Private lesson fee: $97.50

Registration opens for Fall-Winter Children’s programs on WEDS AUGUST 9 (8:30 AM).

Fall 2017 – Weekly private/semi-private lessons are not scheduled on: Fri Oct 6, Sat Oct 7, Sun Oct 8, Mon Oct 9, Mon Oct 23 thru Sunday Oct 29 and Tuesday October 31, 2017.

Winter 2018 – Weekly private/semi-private lessons are not scheduled on: Mon Feb 19 thru Sun Feb 25, Mon March 12 thru Sun March 18 … or on Easter Weekend, Fri March 30 thru Mon April 2, 2018.

A 5-lesson Private & Semi-Private program will be offered during the March Break (Monday March 12 thru Friday March 16). The timeslots for this 1-week (5) lesson programs will be: 4:30-5:00 pm / 5:00-5:30 pm / 5:30-6:00 pm. See the chart below for these program barcodes. Spots are limited.

Note – If the your top choice for private or semi-private lessons is SOLD OUT, please put your name on the waiting-list. Spots may open up due to withdrawals. The # of Instructors available on weekdays Monday thru Thursday is limited to (3), and usually (8) on Sundays. The is sometimes more flexibility on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, depending on the registration #’s in group lessons. Please make use of the Wait Lists, so we know you are interested in timeslots that are full.

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesInstructors Available
14137FriSep 22Nov 355:30-6:00 pm10
14138FriSep 22Nov 356:00-6:30 pm2
14139FriSep 22Nov 356:30-7:00 pm2
14214FriSep 22Nov 357:00-7:30 pm2
14215FriSep 22Nov 357:30-8:00 pm2
14149SatSep 23Nov 459:30-10:00 am10
14150SatSep 23Nov 4510:00-10:30 am3
14151SatSep 23Nov 4510:30-11:00 am3
14152SatSep 23Nov 4511:00-11:30 am3
14153SatSep 23Nov 4511:30am-12 pm3
14154SatSep 23Nov 4512:00-12:30 pm12
14216SunSep 17Oct 2254:30-5:00 pm8
14212SunSep 17Oct 2255:00-5:30 pm8
14210SunSep 27Oct 2255:30-6:00 pm8
14211SunSep 17Oct 2256:00-6:30 pm8
14173MonSep 18Oct 3054:30-5:00 pm3
14174MonSep 18Oct 3055:00-5:30 pm3
14175MonSep 18Oct 3055:30-6:00 pm3
14184TueSep 19Oct 1754:00-4:30 pm3
14185TueSep 19Oct 1754:30-5:00 pm3
14187WedSep 20Oct 1854:30-5:00 pm3
14188WedSep 20Oct 1855:00-5:30 pm3
14189WedSep 20Oct 1855:30-6:00 pm3
14199ThrSep 21Oct 1954:00-4:30 pm3
14200ThrSep 21Oct 1954:30-5:00 pm3
14140FriNov 10Dec 855:30-6:00 pm10
14141FriNov 10Dec 856:00-6:30 pm2
14221FriNov 10Dec 856:30-7:00 pm2
14142FriNov 10Dec 857:00-7:30 pm2
14222FriNov 10Dec 857:30-8:00 pm2
14155SatNov 11Dec 959:30-10:00 am10
14156SatNov 11Dec 9510:00-10:30 am3
14157SatNov 11Dec 9510:30-11:00 am3
14158SatNov 11Dec 9511:00-11:30 am3
14159SatNov 11Dec 9511:30am-12 pm3
14160SatNov 11Dec 9512:00-12:30 pm12
14171SunNov 5Dec 354:30-5:00 pm8
14213SunNov 5Dec 355:00-5:30 pm8
14217SunNov 5Dec 355:30-6:00 pm8
14218SunNov 5Dec 356:00-6:30 pm8
14176MonNov 6Dec 454:30-5:00 pm3
14177MonNov 6Dec 455:00-5:30 pm3
14178MonNov 6Dec 455:30-6:00 pm3
14186TueNov 7Dec 554:00-4:30 pm3
14219TueNov 7Dec 554:30-5:00 pm3
14190WedNov 1Nov 2954:30-5:00 pm3
14191WedNov 1Nov 2955:00-5:30 pm3
14192WedNov 1Nov 2955:30-6:00 pm3
14201ThrNov 2Nov 3054:00-4:30 pm3
14202ThrNov 2Nov 3054:30-5:00 pm3
CodeDayStart DateEnd DateLessonsTimesInstructors Available
14220FriJan 12Feb 955:30-6:00 pm10
14225FriJan 12Feb 956:00-6:30 pm2
14226FriJan 12Feb 956:30-7:00 pm2
14143FriJan 12Feb 957:00-7:30 pm2
14144FriJan 12Feb 957:30-8:00 pm2
14161SatJan 13Feb 1059:30-10:00 am10
14162SatJan 13Feb 10510:00-10:30 am3
14163SatJan 13Feb 10510:30-11:00 am3
14224SatJan 13Feb 10511:00-11:30 am3
14164SatJan 13Feb 10511:30am-12 pm3
14239SatJan 13Feb 10512:00-12:30 pm12
14234SunJan 7Feb 454:30-5:00 pm8
14232SunJan 7Feb 455:00-5:30 pm8
14233SunJan 7Feb 455:30-6:00 pm8
14172SunJan 7Feb 456:00-6:30 pm8
14179MonJan 8Feb 554:30-5:00 pm3
14180MonJan 8Feb 555:00-5:30 pm3
14181MonJan 8Feb 555:30-6:00 pm3
14230TueJan 9Feb 654:00-4:30 pm3
14228TueJan 9Feb 654:30-5:00 pm3
14193WedJan 10Feb 754:30-5:00 pm3
14194WedJan 10Feb 755:00-5:30 pm3
14195WedJan 10Feb 755:30-6:00 pm3
14203ThrJan 11Feb 854:00-4:30 pm3
14204ThrJan 11Feb 854:30-5:00 pm3
14240FriFeb 16April 655:30-6:00 pm10
14145FriFeb 16April 656:00-6:30 pm2
14146FriFeb 16April 656:30-7:00 pm2
14147FriFeb 16April 657:00-7:30 pm2
14148FriFeb 16April 657:30-8:00 pm2
14165SatFeb 17April 759:30-10:00 am10
14166SatFeb 17April 7510:00-10:30 am3
14167SatFeb 17April 7510:30-11:00 am3
14168SatFeb 17April 7511:00-11:30 am3
14169SatFeb 17April 7511:30am-12 pm3
14170SatFeb 17April 7512:00-12:30 pm12
14235SunFeb 11March 2554:30-5:00 pm8
14236SunFeb 11March 2555:00-5:30 pm8
14237SunFeb 11March 2555:30-6:00 pm8
14238SunFeb 11March 2556:00-6:30 pm8
14182MonFeb 12March 2654:30-5:00 pm3
14241MonFeb 12March 2655:00-5:30 pm3
14183MonFeb 12March 2655:30-6:00 pm3
14229TueFeb 13March 2754:00-4:30 pm3
14231TueFeb 13March 2754:30-5:00 pm3
14196WedFeb 14March 2854:30-5:00 pm3
14197WedFeb 14March 2855:00-5:30 pm3
14198WedFeb 14March 2855:30-6:00 pm3
14205ThrFeb 15March 2954:00-4:30 pm3
14206ThrFeb 15March 2954:30-5:00 pm3
MARCH BREAK Private & Semi-Privates (March 12-16)
14243M-FMar 12Mar 1654:30-5:00 pm1
14244M-FMar 12Mar 1655:00-5:30 pm1
14207M-FMar 12Mar 1655:30-6:00 pm1
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