Level 8 (Fall & Winter 2017-18)

This level is an introduction to breast stroke (15m) and feet-first surface dives. Swimmers learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia, the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults, and standing shallow dives. Swimmers participate in timed treading water activities using the eggbeater skill for 3 minutes to improve their ability to remain at the surface in the event of an unexpected fall into water. Endurance is built on a 300m swim. Front crawl and back crawl distances are increased to 75m each.

CodeDayStart DateEnd Date + cancellation datesLessonsTimesFee
14545FriSep 22Nov 3 – not Oct 6, 2756:05-7:00 pm$74.00
14546FriSep 22Nov 3 – not Oct 6, 2757:05-8:00 pm$74.00
14553SatSep 23Dec 9 – not Oct 7, 281010:05-10:55 am$9200
14547FriNov 10Dec 856:05-7:00 pm$7400
14548FriNov 10Dec 857:05-8:00 pm$7400
14549FriJan 12Feb 956:05-7:00 pm$7400
14550FriJan 12Feb 957:05-8:00 pm$7400
14554SatJan 13April 7 – not Feb 24, March 17, 311010:05-10:55 am$9200
14551FriFeb 16April 6 – not Feb 23, March 16, 3056:05-7:00 pm$7400
14552FriFeb 16April 6 – not Feb 23, March 16, 3057:05-8:00 pm$7400
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