Parent Fitness Swims (Fall-Winter 2017-18)

Take advantage of this opportunity to get fit while your child takes lessons. Two lanes will be reserved for parents to swim lengths. Participating parents must have children registered in lessons at the same time as the Fitness Swim. Registration is limited.

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateSwimsTimesFee
14302FriSep 22Nov 356:05-6:55 pm$20.00
14299FriSep 22Nov 357:05-7:55 pm$20.00
14307SatSep 23Nov 4510:05-10:55 am$20.00
14308SatSep 23Nov 4511:05-11:55 am$20.00
14309SatSep 23Nov 4512:00-12:30 pm$15.00
14319SunSep 17Oct 2254:30-5:00 pm$15.00
14320SunSep 17Oct 2255:00-5:30 pm$15.00
14321SunSep 17Oct 2255:30-6:00 pm$15.00
14322SunSep 17Oct 2256:00-6:30 pm$15.00
14300FriNov 10Dec 856:05-6:55 pm$20.00
14301FriNov 10Dec 857:05-7:55 pm$20.00
14310SatNov 11Dec 9510:05-10:55 am$20.00
14311SatNov 11Dec 9511:05-11:55 am$20.00
14312SatNov 11Dec 9512:00-12:30 pm$15.00
14323SunNov 5Dec 354:30-5:00 pm$15.00
14324SunNov 5Dec 355:00-5:30 pm$15.00
14325SunNov 5Dec 355:30-6:00 pm$15.00
14326SunNov 5Dec 356:00-6:30 pm$15.00
14303FriJan 12Feb 956:05-6:55 pm$20.00
14304FriJan 12Feb 957:05-7:55 pm$20.00
14313SatJan 13Feb 10510:05-10:55 am$20.00
14314SatJan 13Feb 10511:05-11:55 am$20.00
14315SatJan 13Feb 10512:00-12:30 pm$15.00
14327SunJan 7Feb 454;30-5:00 pm$15.00
14328SunJan 7Feb 455:00-5:30 pm$15.00
14329SunJan 7Feb 455:30-6:00 pm$15.00
14330SunJan 7Feb 456:00-6:30 pm$15.00
14305FriFeb 16April 656:05-6:55 pm$20.00
14306FriFeb 16April 657:05-7:55 pm$20.00
14316SatFeb 17April 7510:05-10:55 am$20.00
14317SatFeb 17April 7511:05-11:55 am$20.00
14318SatFeb 17April 7512:00-12:30 pm$15.00
14331SunFeb 11March 2554:30-5:00 pm$15.00
14332SunFeb 11March 2555:00-5:30 pm$15.00
14333SunFeb 11March 2555:30-6:00 pm$15.00
14334SunFeb 11March 2556:00-6:30 pm$15.00
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