Women’s Only 6 Week Intro to Strength Training

Women’s Only 6 Week Intro to Strength Training

Winter Session: January 13th to February 24th (no class on February 10th) (Saturday 2:00pm – 4:00pm)

6 Weeks at 2hrs of instruction/training including warm-up and stretching.

Location: High Performance Centre

Students: $120

Adults: $155

What is strength training all about? How do you get started? Which exercises are the best ones? What about form? What if I can’t do a push up? Is it appropriate for weight loss?

Let us show you the answers! In 6 weeks you will go from learning the theory behind the importance of strength training to mastering the technique behind bodyweight, free weight and barbell training. Our qualified instructors will take you through a progressive training program that will help you gain a better understanding of exercise and program design, help you increase your strength and, most importantly, your confidence in and out of the gym.

Join our Ravens Personal Training Team and together we will learn to move better, live better, and soar higher!

Notes: Participants will be taught proper warm up techniques, training principles, and exercise application. Participants will be taught how to scale exercises to their appropriate level and ‘homework’ take away training information will be provided.

For More Information contact: Marta Wein: 613-520-2600 ext.8458 or marta.wein@carleton.ca

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Visit the Welcome Centre in Alumni Hall during our hours of operation

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