Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Weapons

Come explore the traditional martial arts of Shaolin Kung Fu and Karate and improve your confidence, fitness, and self defense knowledge while developing a balance of mind, body and spirit. You will learn techniques from Praying Mantis, Tiger Crane, Tai Chi, and much much more. Training consists of open hand forms (Katas) , striking, trapping, pressure points, locks, throws, offensive/defensive tactics and Weapons (optional). No previous experience is required but if you already have martial arts experience, you’ll find an enormous wealth of knowledge and techniques to help augment your overall training. Weapons and uniforms are optional but can be obtained through the instructor at a cost of $35 each. This class is taught by John.

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
13892MonSep 11Dec 18147:30-9 pm$50.00$60.00
13894WedSep 13Dec 13147:30-9 pm$50.00$60.00
13893MonJan 8Apr 23147:30-9 pm$50.00$60.00
13895WedJan 10Apr 11147:30-9 pm$50.00$60.00


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Visit the Welcome Centre in Alumni Hall during our hours of operation

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