Hatha yoga is the ancient practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to promote health and inner peace. The main benefits of yoga include greater self-awareness, increased mental clarity, stress release, improved physical fitness and general well being. If you are interested in experiencing Classic Hatha yoga but have never tried it, this is the perfect class for you. You will learn a number of basic yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques and meditation.

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
13779MonSep 11Dec 181412:05-12:55 pm$40.00$50.00
13775MonSep 11Dec 18146-7:30 pm$45.00$55.00
13773TueSep 12Dec 12145-6:30 pm$50.00$60.00
13789TueSep 12Dec 12147-8 pm$40.00$50.00
13777WedSep 13Dec 131412:05-1:30 pm$50.00$60.00
14648WedSep 13Dec 13145-6:30$50.00$60.00
13795WedSep 13Dec 13147-8:30 pm$50.00$60.00
13784ThuSep 14Dec 141412:05-12:55 pm$40.00$50.00
13783FriSep 15Dec 221412:05-1:30 pm$50.00$60.00
13780MonJan 8Apr 301512:05-12:55 pm$45.00$55.00
13776MonJan 8Apr 30156-7:30 pm$55.00$65.00
13774TueJan 9Apr 17155-6:30 pm$55.00$65.00
13790TueJan 9Apr 17157-8 pm$45.00$55.00
13778WedJan 10Apr 181512:05-1:30 pm$55.00$65.00
13782WedJan 10Apr 18155-6:30 pm$55.00$65.00
13781WedJan 10Apr 18157-8:30 pm$55.00$65.00
13786ThuJan 11Apr 191512:05-12:55 pm$45.00$55.00
13788FriJan 12Apr 271512:05-1:30 pm$55.00$65.00


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