Photo of Jane B.

Jane B.

Yoga / Group Fitness


Certifications Achieved:

500 hr hot yoga cert from Moksha /Moda Yoga

Canfit Pro Fitness instructor cert

Canfit Pro Older Adult Cert

Pilates Mat Cert

Heartwise Cert


About Jane:

What Classes do you teach?

Yoga and Group Fitness

What is your training philosophy?

Having fun is the most important thing to me.

What is your fitness background?

Ballet – age 7-20yr

Aerobics, step, weights, yoga age 20 onwards

Teaching hot yoga as of 2012

Added in teaching barre and pilates

Got canfit cert in 2018

Got older adult cert in 2021

What type of person is best suited for your style of class?

Those with a bit of humour.  I give options for all levels of students.

What advice would you give to someone new to training?

Try a whole bunch of class styles and teachers.

Tell us one unique fact about you

I lived in Scotland for 3 years and worked at Starbucks opposite Edinburgh Castle.

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