Zumba is a fusion of Latin/International music and dance themes that are used to create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms to tone and sculpt the body. ‘Zumba’ is derived from a Colombian word meaning to ‘move fast and have fun’. Come and join the Latin Zumba party and put some spice in your workout!

CodeDayStart DateEnd DateWeeksTimesStudent FeeFee
13947MonSep 11Dec 18145-6 pm$30.00$40.00
13960TueSep 12Dec 121412:05-12:55 pm$30.00$40.00
13948ThuSep 14Dec 14145-6 pm$30.00$40.00
13949FriSep 15Dec 151412:05-12:55 pm$30.00$40.00
13953SunSep 17Dec 171412:30-1:30 pm$30.00$40.00
13950MonJan 8Apr 30155-6 pm$35.00$45.00
13957TueJan 9Apr 171512:05-12:55 pm$35.00$45.00
13951ThuJan 11Apr 19155-6 pm$35.00$45.00
13955FriJan 12Apr 271512:05-12:55 pm$35.00$45.00
13954SunJan 14Apr 221512:30-1:30 pm$35.00$45.00


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