All 1/2 pool fitness and whole pool recreational swims, are open for PUBLIC DROP-IN swimmers. All swims are free for registered Carleton Students, Staff & Faculty and Community Members. Only debit or credit payments for Public Swim fees will be accepted. Cash payments cannot be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience!

ALL GROUPS larger than (8) MUST book in advance.

Fitness Swims (1/2 pool): lane swimming only, water-running in deep end when the dive-tank is available or during LC swims. Fitness swims can be short-course (6-lanes shallow or 6-lanes deep, plus dive-tank if available) or long-course (3-50M lanes minimum, plus dive-tank).

Recreational Swims (whole pool): lane swimming, water-running, leisure-lanes, basketball nets, wading pool, 1m diving board, 5m & 7.5m platforms, swing rope and bubbler. Rec Swims can be short-course (6-lanes shallow, 6-lanes deep, plus dive-tank) or long-course (6-50M lanes, plus dive-tank).

Update: March 27, 2023

Swim Schedule – CHANGES

The Wednesday Women’s Swim will be extended by (15) minutes for the rest of the Winter Term. These swims will be 1:00-2:00 pm on March 29, April 5 & April 12.

WOMEN’s Swims on Sundays – 10:15-11:45 AM (whole pool) April 2 & April 16
WOMEN’s Swim on Easter Sunday April 9 – 11:45 AM-1:15 PM (whole pool)

Easter W/End Hours (April 7-10) 

Friday April 7
Public Recreational Swim (whole pool) – 12:00-2:30 PM
Note: All other regular Friday swims are CANCELLED

Saturday April 8
Public Recreational Swim (whole pool) – 1:30-3:30 PM

Sunday April 9
Women’s Only Recreational Swim (whole pool) – 11:45 AM-1:15 PM
Public Recreational Swim (whole pool) – 2:30-4:30 PM
Note: The 9:15-10:25 PM swim is CANCELLED

Monday April 10
Public Recreational Swim (whole pool) – 12:00-2:30 PM
Note: All other regular Monday swims are CANCELLED

Annual Spring Maintenance SHUTDOWN – The pool will close on the afternoon of Sunday April 16 (time to be confirmed) for annual maintenance & repairs, and will reopen on Monday May 8 at 6:00 am.

WINTER 2023 Swim Schedule (Mon January 9 thru Sun April 16)

Mon/Weds/Fri – 6:10-7:25 AM (shallow)
Tues – 7:35-8:50 AM (shallow)
Thurs – 7:35-8:50 AM (3-Lanes Long-course/50 M)

Mon/Tues – 11:45 AM-1:15 PM (whole pool)
Weds – 11:30 AM-12:50 PM (whole pool)
Wednesdays (WOMEN ONLY) – 1:00-2:00 PM (3 lanes shallow / 3-lanes deep)
Thurs/Fri – 11:45 AM-1:15 PM (whole pool)
Note: Thursdays – 11:45 AM-1:15 PM (Long-course/50 M)

Mon/Weds – 4:35-5:50 PM (whole pool)
Note: Wednesday – 4:35-5:50 PM (Long-course/50 M)
Tues/Thurs/Fri – 4:10-5:25 PM (whole pool)

Sun/Mon/Tues/Weds – 9:15-10:25 PM (whole pool)
Note: Wednesday – 9:15-10:25 PM (Long-course/50 M)
Thurs – 9:15-10:25 PM (shallow only)
Friday- 8:30-9:30 PM (whole pool)

Saturdays – 1:30-3:30 PM (whole pool)

Sundays (WOMEN ONLY) – 10:15-11:45 AM (whole pool) April 2, April 16 … 11:45 AM-1:15 PM on Easter Sunday April 9.

Sundays – 2:30-4:30 PM (whole pool)

Drop-In Public Swim Fees
Children (2 years & under): Free
Children (3-13 years): $4.00
Adults (14 years & over): $6.00 (HST included)
Household/Family (1 or 2 adults & their children): $4.00 per swimmer

Public Swimmers should be prepared to provide proof of payment to Pool Staff upon request: RECEIPT from the Welcome Centre Desk. Community Members, Faculty & Staff, and registered Carleton Students may be asked to identify themselves by NAME and ID number so that ‘membership status’ can be verified. Please be advised that Public Swim ID Audits could happen at any time.

Only debit or credit payments for Public Swim fees will be accepted. Cash payments cannot be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience!

ALL GROUPS larger than (8) MUST book in advance.

Note: Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an Adult 18 years of age or older. Direct supervision in the pool area & throughout the facility is required. One adult required to supervise every 2 children less than 7 years of age. Please keep children under 7 yrs. within arms’-reach.

Women’s Only Swims: We offer a swims twice a week where only women and/or their young children are allowed into the pool area. Boys 6 years old and under are permitted when they are accompanied by an adult woman. The men’s and family change-rooms remain locked and covered, and windows/doors that have visual access to the pool will be covered, The third-floor pool gallery will be locked and therefore inaccessible by the general public. Additionally, only female Pool Staff are assigned to supervise Women’s Only swims.  

Note: CU Athletics reserves the right to schedule programs such as private lessons or lifesaving classes, during any swim listed above. Other timeslots during the day are for reserved for CU Aquatics Programs & Rentals.

* Any changes or updates to the swim schedule will be posted on this page.

For the latest COVID-19 policies and guidelines please visit our Pool COVID-19 Guidelines page.

The Pool Staff are here to assist you and to answer your questions. If you have any feedback or questions, let us know via email:

We are working together and sharing the responsibility to ensure that our Swimming Pool continues to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!

Pool Rental Prices

Our swimming pool is also available for rent. Pool Rental bookings cannot be done online. For indoor pool rental requests and up-to-date availability information, please email Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator) –

Area # of Swimmers #Guards Total
Whole Pool 1-25 2 $200 + HST
26-55 2 $215 + HST
56-120 3 $236 + HST
121-200 4 $262 + HST
Shallow Pool 1-25 2 $100 + HST
26-55 2 $120 + HST
Deep Pool 1-25 2 $115 + HST
26-55 2 $136 + HST

Note: The above rental rates are effective May 1, 2022. 

Note: On the recommendation of Ottawa Public Health, Carleton will be maintaining the mandatory COVID-19 Mask Policy until June 24. From Saturday June 25 onwards masks will no longer be mandatory, however we continue to strongly recommend masking when indoors, particularly if physical distancing cannot be maintained. We are aware that personal preferences regarding optional mask use will vary greatly, and we ask that we all show consideration and care for each other during this transition. IF pandemic circumstances were to change, the university may need to quickly reinstate the mask requirement and the vaccination policy. The University will continue to carefully monitor the situation and to align with evolving public health advice and government requirements.