Our 50-metre indoor L-shaped pool has a diving area with a 3-platform Olympic diving tower, springboards, a slide, a bubbler and a swing rope. The pool has a flow-over-edge design that facilitates getting into and out of the water. A step-ramp in the shallow end makes for easier access. The high ceiling, excellent ventilation and natural light make this pool a pleasure to use. The pool is supervised by qualified, professional and caring lifeguards / aquatic instructors.

Note: CU Athletics reserves the right to schedule programs such as private or semi-private lessons during any swim listed below. Other timeslots are for reserved for CU Aquatics Programs & Rentals.

All Changes to Public Swim Schedule will be announced HERE. Contact us to confirm the pool schedule.

Update: Friday August 3, 2018 

The pool will be open for Holiday Swims Only (1:30-4:30 pm) on Monday August 6 (Civic Holiday) and Monday September 3 (Labour Day).

The Friday evenings swims (8:10-9:25 pm) are CANCELLED on August 10 & August 31.

The SUMMER Pool Schedule is posted above (July 1 thru Sept 3). The weekly SPRING Swim Schedule (May 12-June 30) is below.

View Spring Schedule

ALL swims on our Pool Schedules are open to the general public (see public swim rates below). Carleton University students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to ALL swims listed at no charge. Children under (14) MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 year of age or older.  Direct supervision of children under (14) is required in the pool area, the locker rooms and throughout the facility. One adult is required to supervise every two children less than 7 years of age. In the pool area, children under 7 years of age should be within ‘arms-reach’.

Water running (deep end) is available during all (whole pool or deep end) REC & LANE Swims. ALL groups larger than of (8) should book in advance, by emailing email Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator).

External Coaches, Swim Instructors (Policy): Personal trainers, coaches or instructors, who are not employees of Carleton Recreation and Athletics, are not permitted to use Carleton facilities to coach, teach or instruct individuals or groups. This includes all facilities: Swimming Pool, Fitness Centre, Field House, Gyms & other freelance areas (Multi-purpose Room,  Fitness Studios). Freelance time in the pool refers to all Public Swims. The priority during our public swims for our patrons and members (student, staff, faculty and members) is a safe and unimpeded access to all lanes and leisure areas, for fitness and recreational swimming. External trainers, coaches and instructors cannot use space for lessons or training sessions during any public swim. To discuss special arrangements or pool rental availabilities, contact Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator).

Public Swim Pricing

Children (under 14): $3.50
Adults: $5.00
Family (up to 4 kids and 2 adults): $15.60

Attention Swimmers: Please be advised that Public Swim ID Audits could happen at anytime.

ALL Public Swimmers must provide proof of payment: HAND STAMP or RECEIPT. Members, faculty & staff, and registered Carleton Students may be asked to identify themselves by NAME and ID number so that ‘membership status’ can be verified.

Pool Rental Prices

Pool Rental bookings cannot be done online. For pool rental requests and up-to-date availability information, please email Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator)

Area #of Bathers #Guards Total
Whole Pool 1-25 2 $172 + HST
26-55 2 $186 + HST
56-120 3 $200 + HST
121-200 4 $225 + HST
Shallow Pool 1-25 2 $90 + HST
26-55 2 $110 + HST
Deep Pool 1-25 2 $104 + HST
26-55 2 $124 + HST