Oct 20, 2021 Update


shallow = 25 metres, 6-lanes, shallow end
deep = 25 metres, 6-lanes, deep end
whole pool = 25 metres, 6-lanes shallow end & 6-lanes deep end
* The pool will NOT be set-up for any 50m long-course swims during the Fall Term*

FALL 2021 Schedule 

Mon, Weds, Fri – 6:15-7:15 AM (shallow, 24 swimmers)
Tuesday & Thursday – 7:35-8:35 AM (deep, 24 swimmers)

Monday thru Friday – 11:45 AM-1:00 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)
Wednesday (WOMEN ONLY) – 1:15-2:15 PM (shallow & deep – 24 swimmers)

Monday thru Thursday – 4:15-5:30 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)
Fridays – 4:00-5:15 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)

Sunday, Monday, Wednesdays – 9:15-10:15 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)
Tuesday – 9:15-10:15 PM (SHALLOW ONLY, 24 swimmers)
Thursday – 9:15-10:15 PM (SHALLOW ONLY, 24 swimmers) Nov 11 thru Dec 2

New Update:
* Thursdays – 9:15-10:15 PM (Whole Pool, 48 swimmers)
* The whole pool will be available on October 21, 28 & November 4*

Friday – 8:30-9:30 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)

Saturday & Sundays – 2:10-3:25 PM (whole pool, 48 swimmers)

* Any changes or updates to the swim schedule will be posted HERE!

Thank you for planning your visit to the Carleton Athletics’ Pool. We are working hard to ensure the health and safety of our community.  In order to comply with Ontario Public Health Guidelines, we have undergone several changes that includes a new maximum capacity of (80) in the pool area and a continuation of our booking-in-advance requirements for Members Fitness Swims.

The STEP 3 pool capacity limits for lane-swimming is (4) swimmers in a single-lane, and will be maintained for Member Fitness Swims this Fall. This allows for (24) swimmers during a ½ pool lane swim timeslot (shallow or deep end) or (48) swimmers if the whole pool is open for swimming (shallow & deep ends).

Until further notice, all swim offerings at Carleton will be Fitness LANE Swims for Carleton Staff/Faculty, Students and Community Members ONLY. These swims are NOT open to the general Public. Recreational or REC Swims will be scheduled at a later date.

Any changes to the swim schedule, procedures and covid-19 safety protocols will be posted here, so bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.

  • Masks are mandatory in the facility, locker room, on pool deck (before & after swims).
  • Use hand-sanitizer upon entry to the facility, the pool deck before & after swims.
  • Maintain physical distancing (2 metres) at all times in the facility & during your single-lane swims.

                                  NEW Swim Booking Procedures

To join a Fitness Lane Swim at the Carleton Pool, you can BOOK YOUR TIME-SLOT HERE.

NOTE: Swim Bookings are available only 5 days ahead of time. Please plan ahead and book your swim ‘online’ before well before the start time. Some swims will fill to capacity, so if you wait to book your swim you may be disappointed. Last minute ‘walk-in’ swim bookings at the Welcome Centre Desk after the start of a swim are not encouraged due to pool capacities and covid-19 safety protocols.

If you need to cancel your booking, please do so a minimum of 2 hours ahead of your scheduled time-slot, to allow another swimmer to book a swim.  No-shows can be tracked, so please cancel a booking that you can not attend in order to open-up your spot for another Member. 

Carleton University along with all post-secondary institutions in Ontario, will be requiring mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for anyone wishing to access our athletics facilities for any amount of time, for any reason – indoors or outdoors. As a result, all individuals that are eligible under Ottawa Public Health’s vaccination age guidelines (12 years of age or older as of December 31, 2021) must attest to receiving their first dose vaccine by September 8, 2021, and their second dose no later than October 15, 2021.

All those participating in in-person activities at Carleton will be required to upload their proof of vaccination through cuScreen by the deadlines referenced above. All MEMBERS who book a lane swim time MUST complete a Covid-19 Screening Self-Assessment thru cuScreen on before you come to campus for a scheduled swim. Only come to Campus is you receive GREEN status. If you receive a RED status you must not come to campus or enter any campus buildings. If you are already on campus, you must leave campus immediately. You must also read through the recommendations provided for next steps.

If you a RED status after completing your daily cuScreen Self-Assessment, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR BOOKED SWIM, DO NOT BOOK A SWIM OR ENTER THE FACILITY.  

Any individual who cannot be vaccinated on medical grounds or other protected grounds recognized by the Ontario Human Rights Code can request an exemption. Unvaccinated individuals without an approved permitted exemption will not be able to enter any Athletics Facility.

For more information regarding Carleton’s response to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 website or cuScreen.

Arriving at the Swimming Pool: When you arrive for your Lane Swim booking, please enter Alumni Hall thru the north-end door from Parking Lot 5 beside the Field House. Proceed to the Welcome Centre Desk to check-in and enter the facility thru the single turn-style door. Please exit interior of the facility thru the double-doors at the Welcome Centre. The Lot 5 door will also be the door you use to exit the facility after your swim.

To access the Swimming Pool: book your swim, complete the COVID-19 Screening Self-Assessment via cuSCREEN, and bring your student/membership ID to the Welcome Centre Desk for check-in. If you have received a GREEN status after completing your daily COVID-19
Screening Self-Assessment through cuScreen, you are required to scan QR Location Codes to check in and out of locations around campus.

HEALTH & SAFETY – We have taken the following steps to ensure a safe environment in the swimming pool & facility:

  • Patrons must book their swim time in advance of arriving at the pool, ideally before you arrive at Alumni Hall.
  • Non-Members will NOT be able to book a swim.
  • All patrons must check-in at the Welcome Centre Desk before being given access to enter for their workout.
  • Lane swim capacities are (24) swimmers in ½ pool or (48) swimmers in the whole pool.
  • Each patron will be asked to complete a COVID-19 Screening Self-Assessment on the day of & before a scheduled swim. Please scan the appropriate QR Code upon arriving in Alumni Hall to check-in for your swim booking.
  • After each swim time-slot, the pool will be closed for 15 minutes to complete a cleaning & disinfection.
  • Pool Staff will be wearing masks at all times. Masks are mandatory in all areas of the facility including the pool deck area. Swimmers can remove mask prior to your swim. Please store them is a clean/sanitary pocket of your gym-bag. Masks should be put back on after your swim, so you have it on as you exit the pool into the locker room areas.
  • Swim equipment, such as flutter board, pull-boards, flippers, goggles … are NOT available at this time. You can bring your own equipment for personal use only.
  • The use of SNORKELS is no longer prohibited as long as physical distancing is maintained between swimmers. (3) metres is recommended. Snorkels should not be shared between swimmers and must be cleaned before and after each use, similar to other training equipment.
  • Use of swim goggles for eye health and covid-safety, is strongly recommended.
  • Walkways and directional arrows have been marked and patrons are asked to follow the direction of travel when moving through the facility space. Clock-wise movement on the pool-deck is encouraged.
  • The pool water fountains are closed. You are encouraged to bring your own ‘non-glass’ water bottle for your personal use during your swims.
  • Saunas and lockers are CLOSED.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to shower at home before your swim. Come wearing your swim-suit to minimize time in locker room.
  • (6) showers are available for use in each main locker room.
  • Bring clothes/valuables to the pool deck in a gym bag, and place in designated areas.
  • Access the pool deck via regular entrances from the main locker rooms.
  • Exit the pool area via the Emergency Exit to the back-doors of the locker rooms.
  • If a washroom is needed during your swim, the Gender Inclusive Room is available
  • Spectators are not permitted on the pool deck. The Pool Gallery will be CLOSED until further notice.
  • The wading pool, 1M diving board, 5M & 7M platforms, shallow end basketball nets are CLOSED.
  • Pool Staff are pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis.


If you develop symptoms after your workout please contact Carleton Athletics at (613-520-4480), self-isolate and visit http://www.OttawaPublicHealth.ca/Coronavirus for more information as you may be eligible for a COVID-19 test.

Individuals who test negative can enter the Facility 24-hours in accord with OPH instructions https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/shared-content/resources/Corona/Covid-19-Tested-What-Now-Handout_-EN.pdf  after no symptoms are present

The Pool Staff are here to assist you and to answer your questions. If you have any Lane Fitness Swim or program related feedback or questions, let us know via email: Ravens@cunet.carleton.ca

We are working together and sharing the responsibility to ensure that our Swimming Pool is safe and welcoming environment for everyone!

Pool Rental Prices

Our swimming pool is also available for rent. Pool Rental bookings cannot be done online. For indoor pool rental requests and up-to-date availability information, please email Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator)

Area # of Swimmers #Guards Total
Whole Pool 1-25 2 $190 + HST
26-55 2 $205 + HST
56-120 3 $225 + HST
121-200 4 $250 + HST
Shallow Pool 1-25 2 $95 + HST
26-55 2 $115 + HST
Deep Pool 1-25 2 $110 + HST
26-55 2 $130 + HST

:csbaird (Sept 3, 2020)