Personal Training

Want to get fit, increase your strength, gain or lose weight, or increase your cardio? Our personal trainers are fitness professionals dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals and improve your health and wellness. Your trainer will design a customized safe, effective, and fun program that will be geared towards your lifestyle and fitness goals.

For more information, or to book your personal trainer, contact Marta Wein via email at or by phone at (613) 520-2600 x 8458.

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(November 20th to December 31st, 2017)
Get an early start on those New Year Fitness Goals with our Holiday Special Personal Training Packages.

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  • Meet your trainer for an initial 90-minute session which includes a mini-consult and training program, plus a 60-minute follow-up session.

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  • Buy any one of our personal training packages and receive the 2nd package of equal value at a 30% discount.

(Promotions do not apply to Initial Consultation, Kick Starter Program or The Big 3 packages)

Kick-Starter Program Details

Membership TypeAdult PricingStudent PricingSmall Group (2) AdultSmall Group (2) Student
Kick Starter Program$447$380 $760 $625
Consultation $40$30$68$50
1 $57$42$94$68
6 $295$215$477$347
12 $540$395$898$653
24 $1020$745$1,683$1,224

Note: all prices listed do not include HST. Prices current as of 1 September 2017.

All patrons must purchase a Consultation before starting their Personal Training Sessions.

NEW! Personal Training Certification Course

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The BIG 3

Squat, Bench and Deadlift – these are some of the most fundamental strength movements in weight training, but doing them well can be challenging.  Through the Big 3 program you will spend 1 hour per movement one-on-one with one of our certified trainers.  For each movement you will have the opportunity to learn proper technique, understand which cues work for you as well as learn appropriate accessory exercises to help you progress in mastering the movements.  Get started the right way.  Book your sessions today!

The BIG 3
Pricing + HST


Meet our Trainers:

All our personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are either certified with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), or have a Kinesiology degree or Exercise Science diploma. Experience the benefits of one-on-one instruction where your personalized fitness program is taught to you step-by-step.



Certifications & Experience:
Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology
CanFitPro Personal Trainer
CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
First Aid, CPR/AED

Fitness is a necessity in one’s life, as it improves virtually almost every aspect of one’s life. I strive to instill that thought in my clients, as that will only motivate them to get to a healthier and happier lifestyle. The health benefits of regular exercise are tremendous, and my goal is to provide a safe, fun yet educational environment to give one the highest chance of experiencing these benefits first hand.

I have been physically active my whole life, through sport and then exercise. Playing sports has always been one of my favorite pastimes, no matter what the sport. Whether you share this passion with me or not, we can definitely share the passion of fitness, whether it’s for sport of everyday life. I have been training clients since April, been participating in structured exercises (working out) for 5 years, and played sports since I was walking.

My favorite sports would have to be football, soccer, basketball and baseball… in that order. I do love all sports, but those four are indeed special to me. This love for sport pushed me to be in the health industry, and is a large reason why I chose to complete a Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) degree at Dalhousie University. I have played competitively in all four of those sports to a varying degree, and strongly encourage others to do the same; no matter what the level.

The human body is truly a tremendous machine; we are physically capable of so much. I look forward to helping clients identify their goals and working with them to find ways to reach and rediscover these capabilities; the sky is our limit.



Certifications & Experience:
•    5 years in the industry
•    Algonquin College Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma 2012
•   CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) since 2012
•    Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
•    Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Level A
•    Algonquin College’s Fitness and Health Promotions Advisory Board Member
•    Experience with 100’s of clients in group or one-on-one sessions
•    Holistic approach to nutrition
•    CPR-AED
After graduating my two year program and successfully writing my CSEP-CPT certification, I started my career working with young athletes in summer dry-land training camps. I also had the opportunity to work with pro hockey players, and take a peek into the system of training with advanced athletes. From there, I transferred my skills to group fitness and one-on-one training where I was the Head Trainer at a group fitness focused studio. I have spent the last 2 years working with small groups and mainly in a one-on-one setting providing my clients with the proper training and teaching they need to not only reach their goals, but build a happier, healthier lifestyle change that can last.
Everyone has different bodies and different goals, why shouldn’t they be trained differently? I believe clients should always ask questions and strive to understand the why, not just the how of training. I love to teach my clients, so they can also teach themselves to live happier and healthier lives.
“You will always get what you put in. The shortcut to a healthier body, whether that is losing body fat, building strength, choosing healthier foods, is down a road called Consistency.”

I’m excited to start working with the Raven population and to help you achieve your fitness and health goals, no matter what they are! Book your personal training consultation with me and get more out of your workouts today. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you on your journey to be stronger, move better, and get the most out of life!



Certifications & Experience:
CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Canadian Collaborating Centre’s for Injury Prevention Certificate (CCCIP)
Level 1 & 2 NCCP Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Certificate
First Aid, CPR/AED

My passion is to promote and assist people of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle by educating and maintain a balanced diet and exercise plan specifically designed for each individual. I believe that fitness should be enjoyed and the results celebrated.

My passion for a physically active lifestyle started early on with becoming a competitive gymnast and playing any sport I could through school. Along with gymnastics, I have played rep soccer and continue to play recreationally. Through university I participated in intramural sports, competitive cheerleading and assisted others to achieve their fitness goals. Training several times a week and eating right allow me to maintain my physical fitness and continue to meet my personal goals.

I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences, graduating in Kinesiology from University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Brock University. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete a Kinesiology Internship with high level competitive and recreational athletes in various sports such as hockey, lacrosse and soccer.

My career includes coaching provincial and recreational gymnastics and cheerleading. I continue to provide dryland training for rep hockey, soccer and lacrosse teams allowing me to teach others to enjoy fitness and measure their successes as an individual or a team. I also have provided strength and conditioning training for competitive dance studios, working with individuals from five years of age to seventeen. Everyone wins when they are physically fit and healthy.

I look forward to provide motivation, support and training to others who want to achieve their fitness goals!



Certifications & Experience:
•    NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
•    Personal Training Apprenticeship at Carleton University
•   Strength Coach for Carleton High Performance Camps
•    Developmental Gymnastics Coach
•    Experience working with special needs youth to develop gross and fine motor skills
•    First Aid, CPR/AED

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for fitness and for living a healthy lifestyle. I have been involved in a variety of sports, from Tae kwon do to rugby, that have shaped me into the person I am today.

My time as a gymnastics coach allowed me to discover how fulfilling it was to coach and see people progress to attain their goals. After realizing that I could transition my passion for fitness into my professional life, the decision to become a personal trainer was a no-brainer! As a personal trainer, I have the opportunity and the ability to not only create and guide my client through a workout program, but to educate them on the importance of living a balanced and active lifestyle.

I believe that everybody has to start somewhere and that every accomplishment, in or out of the gym, begins with the decision to try. I would love to be able to work with you, find your starting point and achieve any and all of your goals!