Are you looking for accountability, consistency, knowledge and safety? Our private training offers accountability, consistency, and knowledge that will save you time, prevent injuries, and get you results.

The private training space is dedicated to personal training clients, making it safe to use and sanitized after each session.

12 session packages - $35/hr for students & 48/hr for adults

Ongoing memberships available - 1x, 2x, or 3x per week


For more information or pricing for different packages or small group personal training, please fill out a contact form here.

Personal Training COVID Protocols

To keep you safe during COVID, our personal training program is providing all services in our private personal training studio and online where applicable.

To get started:

1. Purchase 1 consultation or personal training package at and click on Personal Training

2. Within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail from us, asking for your availability, goals, trainer preferences, training experience, and any injury or medical concerns we should be aware of. We will include a link to the personal training COVID screen form that you will fill out on the day of every session.

3. Once you are assigned a trainer and you book a timeslot, you will come into the building, park in P5 (parking is free in the Fall 2020) and meet your trainer at the Welcome Centre.

4. Your trainer will escort you to the personal training studio. You can remove your mask if you feel it is safe during the drills. The trainer will keep their mask on.

Note: Between sessions personal trainers clean all equipment used by the client before the next booking. Our policy requires a 15 minute gap between clients to facilitate this.

Personal Training Certification Course

Interested in becoming a Fitness Trainer? Learn how Carleton Athletics can help. Course starts June 4!


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“I love the fact that I can do my workouts just about any time that suits me. The equipment is fabulous. Also, the people there, regardless of age, have been nothing but supportive. Above all, my trainer keeps me motivated by slowly, but steadily, increasing the demands of my program. Ask me if I’m a happy woman, and I’ll answer, ‘I certainly am.’”

Joanne McCracken with Personal Trainer Warren

Important Personal Training Information

Please review the details below regarding Personal Training Services

  • Carleton Athletics personal training is open to the community (14 years of age or older).
  • Clients do not have to have a membership to meet with a trainer.
  • All members must check in at the Welcome Centre when entering the facilities and present a proper ID card.
  • Personal Training sessions must be used within 365 days (package dependent), refunds/credit are only available due to illness or injury. For more information or pricing for different packages or small group personal training, please fill out a contact form here.