Like other universities in Ontario, Carleton University will suspend its vaccination requirements for participation in in-person Carleton activities beginning May 1, 2022.  On the recommendation of Ottawa Public Health, Carleton will be maintaining the mandatory COVID-19 Mask Policy until further notice. 

The evolution of the virus and public health conditions are difficult to predict, so this decision is contingent on current conditions and directions continuing. Vaccine mandates may be reinstated at a later time.

Please be advised that Carleton University will still be requiring proof of full vaccination for children aged 5 years and older until May 1, 2022.

Any individual who believes they cannot be vaccinated on medical grounds or other protected grounds recognized by the Ontario Human Rights Code can request an exemption.

“The Strength Training courses are terrific. I took both Levels I and II. They are great courses for both beginners and more experienced weight lifters. They teach you proper form and show you a variety of exercises with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, TRX, your own body weight and more, plus some intense cardio thrown in. Each session is different and puts you through a challenging workout with a skilled trainer. Warren was great and it really feels like you are getting that one-on-one personal training experience. I loved these classes and look forward to more!”

– Edina S.