Functional fitness is having the ability to perform everyday physical movements with relative ease. Some of these functional tasks include picking up heavy groceries, pushing yourself off the ground and running from point A to point B. To be able to handle everything life throws our way we need to develop competency in various realms of fitness. These realms include aerobic capacity, strength, bodyweight endurance, coordination, power and flexibility.

You will never be bored in this class as exercises, time domains and movements will be constantly varied and challenge your body in different ways. The intensity and complexity of  movements will be introduced in a progressive and strategic manner to ensure safety and elicit the best results. Each class will have components of push, pull, squat, hinge and rotate while working through the different planes of movement. Workout formats will include timed tasks, skill building, interval training, isolated strength movements. If you are looking to improve your overall fitness this class is for you!

Parking is now included for the duration of this class in the P5 Parking lot.


Registration by phone or in person is on available during our hours of operation. Register online 24/7. To register in person, visit our Welcome Centre in the Alumni Hall.