Registration for our Summer 2020 Lifesaving Camps will open on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM. We will be offering at least the same # of LSS Camps as in 2019: (3) Junior Lifeguard camps, (3) Bronze Star camps, (5) Bronze Medallion camps, (5) Bronze Cross camps and (3) National Lifeguard camps. Our final plan will depend on School Boards decisions regarding start-dates in September 2020, due to the date of Labour Day 2020 (Monday September 7).

Get certified at the CU Pool! Offered most of the year, Carleton gives you all the tools you need to become a fully certified lifeguard, starting from the beginning with JLC and Bronze Star training. You can check out the pre-requisites for JLC, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard on the Lifesaving Society website.

Registration for our 2020 March Break Lifesaving Camps (JLC, Star, Medallion, Cross & National Lifeguard) is open NOW!



Get Certified for Lifeguard, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.