Whether you’re looking to work out in the Fitness Centre, learn some new self-defense moves or dance, we’ve got a Women’s Only class that will fit you just right! Check out all options below.

Women’s Only Fitness Centre and Trans & Allies Fitness Space options.

These options provide members of the Carleton Athletics community opportunities to comfortably visit our facilities at various times throughout the week.

Women’s Only Hours will be offered in the Fitness Centre featuring newly installed black-out blinds to accommodate various needs within the community.

Women’s Only Fitness Centre will be offered 7-days/week from 10 AM – 11:30 AM.

Trans & Allies Space

A space for members of our Trans community and their allies to work out with physical and psychological safety. Trans & Allies  runs in our Personal Training Studio.

Trans and Allies

Women’s Swimming

Carleton Athletics is proud to offer Learn to Swim programs and women’s only lane swim times for our community.