Personal Training: NEW Kick-Starter Program

Whether they are just starting out or coming back from a break, the gym can be an intimidating place for many people. Between crowds, noise, and people tossing around big weights, a fitness center can at first seem like an impossible landscape to maneuver – the good part is that you aren’t alone! Not only are many of your fellow gym-goers also just beginning their fitness journey, you are surrounded by people who want to help you succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals.

One such group of people are our Certified Personal Trainers, who combine their educational backgrounds in health and fitness with a wealth of experience to help you start and maintain a fitness routine that works for you.

Which is the best way to get started? Why not try out our new Kick-Start Personal Training Package? This program has been designed to get you going in the gym with a routine built around your needs and goals. This package includes the following:

Initial Consultation

Here you meet with your trainer, discuss your goals in detail, and go through a series of quick movement, strength, and flexibility assessments so your trainer is able to build a program based on your specific requirements.

9 One Hour Personal Training Sessions

Your trainer will design your program and teach it to you step-by-step, motivating you along the way. You have the choice of scheduling your training sessions as needed. A standard recommendation is to see your trainer a minimum of 1x per week to maintain your training momentum.

1 Mid-Program Assessment

At this point you will meet with your trainer for a follow-up on how you are progressing in reaching your goals. Your trainer will get a chance to re-test some of the movement, strength, and flexibility assessments and adjust your program as needed.

1 End of Program Assessment

When you’ve completed all of your training sessions you get to see your trainer for one final check-in! The assessments will be re-checked so you can see how far you’ve progressed, and your program will be updated to help you keep moving forward.

This package has been created to combine everything you will need to begin working toward your goals while creating an atmosphere in which you will feel comfortable and confident coming to the gym. No need to feel intimidated – all you need to do is schedule your first session!


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Kick Start

What do I do after the Kick-Start Program is over?

Not quite ready to go out on your own? Not to worry, you can continue working with your personal trainer by purchasing new sessions as you need them. We want to make sure that you continue to get the most out of your sessions, so flexibility is key. Our personal trainers are here to work with your schedule, so let us know how we can best help you!


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