15 thoughts every Grad has about Graduating in 2017

Written by Natasha Gorey

Another year of school gone to the wind and if you’re anything like me you’re probably stressing about what you are going to do with the rest of your life. You are probably riding on an endless roller coaster of emotion. Graduating from Carleton is truly bittersweet. Finishing your first university degree and moving on to something different is exciting but leaving your undergrad days behind is a little terrifying.

Regardless of how you’re feeling during this time know that you are NOT ALONE.

Here are 16 thoughts Every Grad has about Graduating from University:

1) When you can’t wait to finally be free of essays and exams

Grad 1

2) Finally being able to say you have a degree

Grad 2

3) When you realize all of the cool things you’ve learned over the past 4 years

Grad 3

4) The feeling you get when it finally sinks in that you’re graduating

Grad 4

5) When you realize that you will no longer be able to get student discounts at stores

Grad 5

6) Those moments when you’re unsure of what the next chapter of your life will be

Grad 6

7) When you feel overwhelmed because you’re terrified and excited all at the same time

Grad 7

8) When family members repeatedly ask you what your plans are after graduation and you have to pretend like you know

Grad 8

9) When you reminisce about all of the fun times you had at Carleton

Grad 9

10) When you start to panic about going out into the “real world”. What even is that anyway?

Grad 11

11) When your friends and family try to comfort you

Grad 12

12) When you realize that there’s no point in stressing about it because you’re determined to get what you want in life

Grad 13

13) When you take a deep breath and realize you’ve finally made it through your undergrad

Grad 14

14) And every day you spent at the library was worth it

Grad 15

15) When you realize Carleton will always have a special place in your heart because after all once a Raven, always a Raven

Grad 16

Congratulations Class of 2017. You did it!

Grad 17

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