By: Katrina Finnigan

Personal training can be a big decision, it isn’t the most cost effective option out there – but it is one of the most effective ones. People often turn to personal training for many different reasons, but if you’re on the fence about hiring a trainer consider these reasons before switching up your routine:

You’re unsure of how to approach fitness

If you’re new to the gym or aren’t sure of how to achieve your goals, hiring a personal trainer can make the transition easy. A personal trainer will guide you through a workout routine that best fits your needs, while demonstrating proper technique and use of the equipment. Having a consistent and reliable source to turn to not only helps motivate you to stick to your goals but also grows with you as you progress.

You’re having a hard time getting past a plateau

We all get to that tough spot when no matter how much we try to change up our routine – we just can’t seem to lose another pound. A personal trainer can assess your current workout routines and suggest an alternative that will get you past any plateaus. With the knowledge and dedication personal trainers put into their relationships with their clients – you are sure to get that extra boost and refreshing change.

You’re looking for a customized workout

Choosing the right workout to achieve the overall look or goal that you’d like to reach can be challenging for even the fitness savvy. A personal trainer can help you work through different types of exercise that is geared to your body type and goals. To do so you, they will often work with you to set up a workout routine, and at times a meal plan that will guide you to success. A trainer will also ensure you focus on and target the areas you need to improve on, while providing you a challenge to keep you motivated and focused on reaching your goals.

You’re working out with an injury

If you are suffering from any kind of injury – working out can be difficult and the will to workout may have dissipated, which can be frustrating. A personal trainer can help you through your injury and keep you on track by: providing you with alternative ways of performing exercises that best fit your needs, ensuring you don’t injure yourself any further or put any strain on the affected area, and being that extra set of eyes and hands to help you out if and when needed. A personal trainer never wants to see you get hurt, so if you are injured in any way – they will customize a routine that helps your keep working towards your goals without putting you at risk of doing any more damage.

You want to reach your goal fast

There’s no doubt that by any means of dedication, diet and exercise you can work towards and ultimately reach a goal. However, the amount of time can vary. If you are in a time crunch and need to amp up your workouts for a wedding, vacation, or fitness competition – a personal trainer will be your most effective and most efficient bet. Trainers have the skill and knowledge to get you where you need to be (within reason). By customizing and changing workout routines and dedicating the time to help to motivate, push, and focus you on a particular goal or end date – there is a lot that goes into a relationship with your trainer. Be sure to choose a trainer that understands your goals and best suits your personality and training style.

Keep in mind that the time, attention, and dedication a trainer puts into ensuring your safety and progress. A lot of work goes in to each appointment during and long after your appointment.

With the highly trained and dedicated team at Carleton – you are sure you see the results you’re striving for. If you’re getting serious about fitness and need that extra push to reaching a goal – book a consultation with a personal trainer today!

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