Your very own Carleton Ravens Mascot is coming in clutch to provide you with his Top 5 Tips To Survive University Midterms.

Tip #1 Break a Sweat First. 

According to Dr. Douglas B. McKeag, exercising shortly before studying (perhaps at our Fitness Centre), can make you more alert, open, and able to learn new information.

Tip #2 Print = Success. 

Students require more repetition to learn new material when reading on a computer screen. Stick to paper. It’s in science.

Tip #3 Move Around. 

Psychologist Robert Bjork suggests that merely moving to a different room to study or into the great outdoors can increase both your concentration and retention levels.

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Tip #4 Listen to Music. 

Playing certain types of music can help engage parts of the brain that help pay more attention and make predictions. Dance parties can be a good study break too.

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Tip #5 Relax. 

Stress lasting as briefly as a couple of hours can engage corticotropin-releasing hormones that disrupt the process of creating and storing memories. Take a deep breath; you’re doing great.

We hope these Top 5 Tips To Survive University Midterms were of any help to y’all.

Best of luck, Ravens!

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Friday, October 11, 2019 in
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