Junior Ravens Football

Junior Ravens Football is an introductory program that provides youth the opportunity to develop fundamental skills and techniques (e.g. catching, throwing, tackling, blocking) that are essential to the game of football.  Players will be divided into age specific groups (Mite, Tyke, Mosquito, Peewee & Bantam) to participate in a comprehensive program. Each participant of the Junior Ravens Football Program will have the opportunity of being coached by Ravens players and coaches.

Football equipment for the program, including helmets, shoulder pads, football pants and jerseys is provided for the duration of the program. Outside football equipment of any kind is not allowed. Players are required to bring proper footwear, mouth guard & water bottle.

Our Mission

Introduce youth to the game of football in a safe and structured environment that promotes the values of teamwork, respect and self-confidence. Young athletes in the Jr. Ravens Football program will acquire the necessary tools and knowledge that are essential to playing the game.

Philosophy of Junior Ravens Football

Initial assessment:

During the first weekend, all players will be assessed on different physical and technical abilities. Some assessments will be administered during the preparatory period. The results will be recorded in order to balance the caliber of teams in the league. The age, experience and technical competencies (throwing, catching, blocking and tackling) and physical qualities (strength, endurance, agility and speed) will be evaluated. Equitable sharing of all resources will be made during the formation of teams.

Physical preparation:

The preparatory period is scheduled in the early part of the program. During this period, the technical and tactical skills will be taught with an emphasis on reviewing football as a contact sport. Whatever the level of the player, this period will allow adequate familiarization prior to playing situations. For players with a little experience, it will be a period of improvement.

Overall experience:

Junior Ravens Football offers each player the opportunity to play several positions to acquire the technical and tactical skill-sets that are essential to experiencing a long-term football pursuit

Age Categories as of December 30, 2018

  • Mites is now 5-7 year olds – birth years: 2013-2011
  • Tykes is now 8-9 year olds – birth years: 2010 -2009
  • Mosquito is now 10-11 year olds – birth years: 2008-2007
  • Peewee is now 12-13 year olds – birth years: 2006-2005
  • Bantam is now 14-15 year olds – birth years: 2004-2003

Junior Ravens Football has three seasonal camps:

Junior Ravens Football 2018 Forms

Forms for the 2018 program can be found below:

Junior Ravens Winter Football

The Winter Football Camp is a developmental program for youth between the ages 5-15. The 9-week off-season training and conditioning program aims to improve a player’s skill set in the key areas for their position. With representation of athletes from nearly every NCAFA team in the city, along with high school, and new players, we combine traditional football drills and position specific training with new and innovative training methods to elevate player performance.

Our coaching staff is made up of players and coaches of the Carleton Ravens football team and dedicated members of the local football community.

The Winter Football Program has Five sections:

  • Mite (ages 5-7)
  • Tyke (ages 8-9)
  • Mosquito (ages 10-11)
  • Mosquito Elite (ages 10-11)
  • Peewee Elite (ages 12-13)
  • Bantam Elite (ages 14-15)

NEW Elite Programs

We offer elite programs for Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam level players. Elite programs are run using the same structure as our general football programs, with the same amount of field time but will feature advanced drills and more concepts that are appropriate for the competitive level.

Registration is OPEN!

Age GroupTimesDatesLocation
Sunday Winter 2018Carleton UniversityBarcodeCost
Mite9:00 am-10:00 amJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14724 $199
Tyke9:00 am-10:00 amJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14723$199
Mosquito10:00 am-11:30 amJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14725 $239
Mosquito Elite10:00 am-11:30 amJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14726$239
Peewee Elite11:30 am-1:00 pmJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14727 $239
Bantam Elite11:30 am-1:00 pmJanuary 14th – March 11thFieldhouse14728$239

Equipment Pickup – Winter Program

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Location: Alumni Hall – Ravens football locker room.

Please bring the three forms (Player Form, Medical Form, Photo Release Form) with you during the scheduled fitting time.

Time: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm

  • 4:00pm – Mite
  • 4:30pm – Tyke
  • 5:00pm – Mosquito
  • 5:30pm – Mosquito Elite
  • 6:00pm – Peewee Elite
  • 6:30pm – Bantam Elite

Junior Ravens Spring Football

The Spring Football Camp returns for a sixth season in April 2017. This 8-week football program is an extension of what is covered in the winter camp. Sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday, starting April 28 and finishing June 17, 2018. The Camp focuses on developing football fundamentals for all positions, with special emphasis on tackling and blocking using progression drills of Safe Contact instruction. Each player will learn a minimum of two positions (1 offensive position and 1 defensive position), so that they can broaden their knowledge of the game. The 16 sessions will cover a general assessment, introduction to contact, skills competitions, a combine day, competitive periods, and mini games. Players will be given a playbook to learn individual assignments in preparation for our much anticipated “Jr. Ravens Bowl” in the final week. The player to coach ratio is 8:1 and consists of players and coaches from the Ravens football team. Equipment is provided for the duration of the program. Equipment Pick-Up Date will be determined.


The Spring Football Camp is for Mites, Tykes, Mosquito, and PeeWee age groups.

2018 Registration OPENING SOON!


Junior Ravens Summer Football

Age Range


Camp Activities

There will be 4 hours of on field coaching each day on Ravens Field or in the Carleton University Fieldhouse (if weather makes outside activity impossible). A further two hours will be spent on classroom teaching sessions. The player to coach ratio will be 8:1.

Football Camp 2018Mon-Fri8:30AM – 4:30PMTBDMNP Park$330


For program specific questions contact- Camp Director, Josh Sacobie-  joshua.sacobie@carleton.ca

Carleton Athletics Junior Ravens Football Camp


Hi, I’d first like to thank you very much for the football camp. It is in fact the very first sport that we’ve been able to get Noah involved in.

Not only that, he looked up to his coaches and genuinely loved it.

My older son plays competitive hockey all year round, with soccer, and other sports somehow mixed in there as well, but Noah has never been interested in playing anything.

Then he asked me to play football and your camp was the only available place for him to play. He only turned six two days before the camp began.

I will say this much, having played up until junior hockey myself, and having had my older son in numerous camps as well, this football experience was absolutely the best camp I’ve ever had a child involved in

Great organization, great motivating, and excellent teaching. And again, my son Noah, who doesn’t like sports, loved it!

We will be returning next year for sure, and thank for the great time.

– Vince Gravel


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Register in Person

Visit the Welcome Centre in Alumni Hall during our hours of operation

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