Registration Opens on Monday November 27 @ 9:00 AM

January Holiday National Lifeguard Camp Fee: $372 + HST (Lunch NOT included)
Dates: Tuesday January 2-Sunday January 7, 2024
Time: 8:30 am-4:30 pm / a 6-day camp … Note: Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up NOT available.

March Break National Lifeguard Camp Fee: $430 + HST (Cafeteria Lunch included)
Dates: Sunday March 10-Friday March 15, 2024
Time: 8:30 am-4:30 pm / a 6-day camp … Note: Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up NOT available.

Required: Alert – Lifeguarding in Action Manual ($50.00)
Prerequisites: 15 years of age by exam dates (January 7 or March 15). Bronze Cross and Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid (SFA) certifications (need not be current). Or SFA from one of these approved agencies.

Click on the FALL/WINTER REGISTRATION BUTTON below to go to the program registration page. 

National Lifeguard info @ Lifesaving Society website

National Lifeguard training builds on the fundamental skills taught in the Bronze Medallion and Cross programs and equips candidates with the practical skills and knowledge required of lifeguards. This course is designed for lifesavers who want to seek employment in Lifeguarding locally or across Canada. The Alert Manual fee ($50.00) will be charged automatically when you register online. If you would like to opt out of purchasing an Alert Manual because you already have one, you must call (613) 520-4480 or register in-person at the Welcome Centre Desk in Alumni Hall.

Candidates will eventually need a whistle for emergency situations. Lifesaving Society FOX 40 whistles with a lanyard ($12) & CPR Pocket masks ($16) are available for purchase when you register. These will be issued along with along with Alert Manuals. These items can also be purchased after the course begins at the Welcome Centre Desk or by phone (613) 520-4480. In that case, the NL Instructor will issue a whistle and/or a CPR mask when presented with a proof of purchase receipt.

CHECK BACK HERE before DAY ONE – For camp information such as check-in/check-out location & policies, what to bring, lunch & snack details etc.

HOLIDAY National Lifeguard Camp –  (6-days)

Tuesday JANUARY 2 – Sunday JANUARY 7, 2024 

Instructor: UTIBE / Camp Supervisor: SHANE 

Prerequisites: Bronze Cross & STANDARD FIRST AID (SFA) certifications (need not be current)

(15) years old by exam date (January 7, 2024)

What to bring:

  • At least (1) swim suit … due to the physical nature of these courses, it’s recommended that candidates wear a one-piece bathing suit or well-fitting swim trunks.
  • A couple of towels … it’s beneficial to have more than (1) towel in order to stay warm and dry in-between swims.
  • Swim Goggles are strongly recommended. Borrowing goggles from our ‘lost & found’ is not recommended for health & safety reasons.
  • notebook and a pen or pencil may be needed as the courses progress.
  • Manuals: The ALERT: Lifeguarding in Action manual ($50) will be issued candidates who purchased a manual when registering.
  • National Lifeguard candidates will eventually need a whistle for emergency situations.
  • Note: FOX 40 whistles with a lanyard ($12) & CPR Pocket masks ($16) are available for purchase when you register or the Welcome Centre Desk (Alumni Hall).
  • Please note that LUNCH IS NOT INCLUDED with our holiday lifesaving camps. Parents are asked to provide a nutritious packed lunch for lifesaving candidate(s). SNACKS are encouraged as well, if needed to get through these (7)+ hour days. Please keep in mind that Carleton Pool is a nut-free zone. Lunches & snacks that contain nuts are prohibited.
  • Arrival: 15 minutes prior to class start time (8:15 am). For those not familiar with the Carleton Campus, see this map: Campus Map The POOL is in the Athletics Centre (AC) – 2nd Floor, which is attached to Alumni Hall (AH) and the Field House (FH).
  • The NL Camp runs 8:30 am-4:30 pm.
  • Meet the NL Instructors on the POOL DECK: When you enter Alumni Hall, proceed to the Welcome Centre Desk to access the facility. Make your way to pool deck through the main locker room shower areas. The Men’s locker room is on the 1st floor & the Women’s locker room is on the 2nd floor. Note: The other Lifesaving campers will be checking-in & out from the FIELD HOUSE next week.
  • Keep in mind that Parking is not free, so please pay for parking if you intend to stay in Lot 5 longer than just a drop-off, in order to avoid getting a ticket from Parking Services.
  • The main locker rooms are available for use.
  • Lockers are available for use day use only. We recommend that candidates bring clothes/valuables etc. to the pool-deck in a gym bag or back-pack for safe-keeping.
  • Parents/spectators are NOT permitted to remain on the pool deck during the camp … however, the POOL GALLERY on the 3rd floor will be open.
  • The in-water National Lifeguard exam is scheduled on Sunday Jan 7 (12:30-4:30 pm).
  • If you have any questions, concerns or feedback … PLEASE talk to the NL Instructors or the Lifesaving Camp Supervisor.



Registration by phone or in person is on available during our hours of operation. Register online 24/7. To register in person, visit our Welcome Centre in the Alumni Hall.