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Spring/Summer 2023: Carleton University Pool Staff – Job Opportunities

Carleton Athletics continues to accept applications for Spring/Summer Lifeguard/Instructor positions. Applicants will need to participate in a Rescue Skills Screening and a standard interview process.

Those interested in applying for Spring-Summer Lifeguard/Swim Instructor positions, applications and ‘hiring process’ information are posted below. If you have any questions, just send me an email – ( The spring/summer session will run from Mon May 8 thru Mon September 4. The summer only session runs July 2 thru September 4. 

The certifications required to work at Carleton are National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid CPR C AED, Lifesaving Swim Instructors and/or Lifesaving Instructor / Emergency First Aid Instructor. 

Note: Carleton will be offering a Lifesaving Swim Instructor course and a Lifesaving & Emergency First Aid Instructor course in May/June. The City of Ottawa and the Dovercourt Community Centre pool also offer these pre-requisite Instructor courses.

Rescue Skills Assessments will be scheduled as applications are submitted. For those interested in working in July/August only, a Rescue Skills Assessment session will be scheduled in mid-June.

Job Description

The Carleton University Lifeguards and Instructors are responsible for the oversight of all Aquatics programming in our 50 m pool. This includes recreational & fitness swims, learn to swim and lifesaving programs, special bookings, and rental programs. The Carleton Pool offers aquatics courses and freelance swimming for Carleton Students, Staff, Faculty and Community Members. The Student Staff supervise all fitness & recreational swims with a commitment to safety, public education, prevention and emergency response.


  • All Lifeguard/Instructors attend New Staff Orientation sessions, along with monthly All Staff Training sessions and Rescue Skill Assessments.
  • Student Staff are provided with ways to maintain appropriate fitness levels in order to be ready to respond to any critical emergency/rescue in the pool or elsewhere in the Athletics Facility.
  • Staff are encouraged to take more advanced aquatics leadership courses such as First Aid Instructor, National Lifeguard Instructor, Advanced Lifesaving Instructor, Lifesaving Examiners and Swim for Life Instructor Trainer.
  • Effective communication and ongoing constructive feedback are the pillars of the Team.
  • Student Staff are provided with mid-term and end of term Job Performance Evaluations, ensuring that the Student Lifeguard/Instructors are maintaining the Carleton Standard and always striving to improve and succeed.
  • Student Staff are given the opportunity to provide their Supervisors with job performance feedback.

Experience/Skills Required

  • Certifications Required for Lifeguard/Instructors: National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid CPR-C AED, Lifesaving Swim Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor & Emergency First Aid Instructor. 
  • Communication skills: the instructors need to interact and provide direction to clients, mainly children, as well as communicate with other staff and parents.
  • Decision making skills: there are many instances where the instructor/lifeguard have to make decisions, the ultimate decisions could a life-death situation.
  • Under the guidance of Supervisors, the Lifeguard/Instructors learn problem-solve, de-escalate negative situations, communicate with Parent/Guardians of children in learn-to-swim & lifesaving programs, and fitness/recreational swimmers of all ages.

If you have any questions, contact Steve Baird (Aquatics Coordinator).

Hiring/Screening Process Information

Aquatics Application Form (Spring/Summer 2023)