Intramural Jobs

We are always accepting resumes for leagues and intramurals and hire based on openings within the staff team.  Please email to submit your resume and include your sports related experience.

If you would like to earn an additional steady income in a fun environment, join our team of enthusiastic students who organize and referee the intramural sports league program.

Intramural leagues run from mid September until the end of November and then from January to the end of March. Working in the intramural league is a great opportunity to be paid for being involved in one of your favourite sports.

Last updated: September 1st, 2017

Available Positions

Referees/Match Officials
Students with extensive playing experience and preferably officiating experience are required to officiate in the following sports.

  • Leagues: Basketball, Soccer, Ball Hockey, Flag Football, Dodgeball, Volleyball,┬áBadminton
  • Rate of Pay: $11.40 per 50 minute game.

Students with knowledge of the following sports are required to operate the clock & keep score in the following sports.

  • Rate of Pay: $11.40 per 50 minute game
  • Leagues: Basketball and Ice Hockey