Join our team of enthusiastic students who work at our varsity and special events in the gym, the pool or outside at Ravens’ Field.

The varsity season runs from late August to February, so there is a good opportunity to earn a steady source of spending money throughout the school year.

Some events are ‘doubleheaders’ with men’s and women’s teams eg: basketball and soccer, while others are single games. Build your public relation skills and support your Carleton University varsity athletes at the same time.

We hire students each year for the following areas:

Fan Experience

Currently there are no job postings. Stay tuned for updates.

Game Staging and Event Staff

Computer Stats (basketball only)

Familiarity with Assistant Coach software package

Scorers table

Game clock, scorebook, 30 sec. clock etc. For students who have done previous scorers table work in high school or college.

Camera operator

Record the game for the coaches.


Ensure the safety of all fans and participants.

To apply for a Game Staging and Event Staff position please send your resume and completed application to Event Coordinator Rob Leroy: