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Pamela F.

Pilates / ELDOA / Ballet Barre



    Certifications Achieved:

    March 9th, 2021 – Essentrics Level 2

    Oct 27th, 2019 – Stick Mobility Level 2

    May 26th, 2019 – Stick Mobility Level 1

    Dec 14th, 2017 – Essentrics Level 1

    June 16th, 2013 – Yoga Tune Up Level 1

    Aug 8th, 2011 – Zumba Basic Steps Level 1

    Sept 25th, 2008 – Diploma of Soma therapy from the Sutherland Academy of Osteopaths of Ontario   (This includes ELDOA and Myo-fascial Stretching)

    Jan 20th, 2006 – The Dianne Miller Pilates Studio – All apparatus

    April 30th, 2004 – Anatomy in Clay

    April 26th, 2002 – The Dianne Miller Pilates Studio – Mat and Reformer

    Aug 31st, 1995 – Foot Reflexology with Reflexology Association of Canada

    March 31st, 1994 – The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

    May 31st, 1993 – American Council of Exercise – Personal Trainer

    Fall of 1991 – BA in Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University (studies in Kinesiology)


    About Pam:

    What classes do you teach?

    I teach the Pilates for all, ELDOA re-align your spine, Yoga/Pilates Tune up, Ballet Barre & Pilates Combo and Body Sculpting by Essentrics (TM)

    What equipment is needed for your online classes?

    For the Pilates for all class you’ll need a mat, block, and a strap. Possibly a wall and chair but not necessary.

    What is your training philosophy?

    It’s never too late to start moving! I believe anyone can start the process of enjoying some form of physical exercise – but it doesn’t always have to be an all out effort. More importantly, you need to move your bones in all directions so you’re ready for your day-to-day activities and other athletic pursuits. As the enjoyment of moving increases, which will happen if you move every day, then you may just want to start to push your body even more and pick up past sports you’ve not been able to do due to some sort of pain or try a whole new activity. The joy one can get from being able to move freely without pain is a wonderful experience that I want to assist others toward.

    What is your fitness background?

    It’s a long one. I started out training to be a professional dancer in the mid-80’s which introduced me to the Pilates Method. I had a serious foot injury that ended my dance career, so I studied to become a Reflexologist.  During that time I became an ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified personal trainer. After a brief interlude in another career, I became certified in the Pilates Method by the world renowned Dianne Miller in Vancouver. Fully certified in all mat and Pilates equipment. I ran my own studio downtown Ottawa for 10 years.  I continued my love of learning by studying with Guy Voyer to become a soma-therapist, ELDOA teacher and myo-fascial stretching specialist.  Further down the road I also certified in Yoga Tune-up, Essentrics Level 1, and most recently in Stick Mobility Level 1 and Level 2 in San Jose, California with the founders. My next certification will be my Level 2 Essentrics which I’m currently working on.

    What type of person is best suited for your classes?

    For the Pilates For All…anyone! The only caveat in that is you have no acute injury. I give modifications and progressions for every level.

    What advice would you give to someone new to training?

    Start gently and move in smaller ranges of movement. As your body gets use to moving again you can move larger, faster and push more. The KEY is to always listen to the messages the body is sending you and if you are experiencing undue pain, you’re probably pushing too fast and too hard.

    Tell us one unique fact about you?

    I worked for an American virtual reality company called Worlds Inc in the 90’s. I had done a work study project when I was at Simon Fraser University for the Computer Graphics Lab. They were trying to develop a method for dancers to record their choreography using avatars. I created a library of movements for them, from swimming to golf to gymnastics. When the company saw the animations they thought it had been done by motion capture. But I had done the animations through key frame technology on a program developed at SFU called Lifeforms.. thus started my short 3 year career in San Francisco as the head animator for Worlds Inc.

    If you would like, share a personal picture of yourself

    Me in one of my happy places – skate skiing