Carleton Athletics is proud to host Convocation June 17-21, 2024. As a result of convocation activities, several classes will be relocated between June 18 and 27.

These room relocations will impact classes regularly hosted in the Yoga Studio and Ravens Studio. Please review the full list of schedule changes.

Date Class New Location
Tuesday, June 18 Pilates Combatives Room
Tuesday, June 18 Hatha Yoga Activity Room
Wednesday, June 19 Zumba Activity Room
Wednesday, June 19 Hatha Yoga Combatives Room
Thursday, June 20 Pilates Multipurpose Room
Thursday, June 20 Hatha Yoga Activity Room
Wednesday, June 26 Hatha Yoga @ 12:05 PM Combatives Studio
Wednesday, June 26 Zumba @ 6:00 PM Activity Room
Thursday, June 27 Pilates @ 12:05 PM Combatives Studio
Thursday, June 27 Hatha Yoga @ 6:00 PM Yoga Studio

Convocation Parking

During Convocation there will be restricted access to parking lots P3, P4, P5, P10 and P12. Please use alternative parking locations including any on-street pay-and-display parking location. Please validate your parking using your regular membership link and code.

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