Indoor Basketball Court

Take flight with the Ravens at the Ravens’ Nest! Home to some of Canada’s best University basketball teams, the Ravens’ Nest is a top flight indoor basketball court in Ottawa able to host one full size basketball game, up to three simultaneous games or even two simultaneous volleyball matches. Built-in bleacher seating is available for larger events, or book portable bleachers (subject to availability).

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Full Size Partial Size Additional Features
1 full-size basketball court (110x71ft) 3 cross basketball courts (94x50ft) Portable bleachers dependent on availability
2 cross volleyball courts  Built-in bleachers include individual seating for 564 on south side and bench seating for 609 on north side (available with special pricing for large events)
Type of Use Size Price
Commercial Full $210
Per Court $80
Not for Profit Activity Full $174
Per Court $65
Student Full $147
Per Court $54


Mon-Fri: 6:00am – 11:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am – 11:00pm