Photo of Sam D.

Sam Dube

Professional Athletic Strength & Power Specialist, Master Trainer

    Degrees:B.Sc. M.D., M.Sc. Ph.D., C.S.


    Sam is a strength and conditioning expert, martial arts instructor, television & live broadcaster, champion athlete, and academic physician.  Formerly a multi-award-winning member of the Faculty of Science at Carleton University teaching engineering mathematics (including being voted “Best Professor of the Year” by the Engineering student body), he now lectures occasionally in Health Science while pursuing goals in the health & fitness industry.

    For over a generation, Sam has been a coach and consultant to provincial, national, and world class strength athletes, various other national and Olympic athletes, professional trainers, and various national sporting organizations.  Considered one of the pioneers of modern strength athletics in Canada, “Super Sam” was the sports analyst on the popular Canadian Strength Athletes television series on TSN for its entire decade-long run, as well as a multitude of world class events on the global professional strongman circuit where he also gained renown as a premier coach and technical advisor.

    Sam is also a martial artist and self-defence instructor, and a multi-time lifetime drug-free champion of All-Round Lifting, a strength sport requiring the mastery of over forty competitive barbell and dumbbell lifts and the foundation of modern Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding training.  He also has a long-time interest in strength athletics (especially pound-for-pound performances), freehand exercise, combat applications, the history of strength, bullet-proofing the body with prehab & rehab (especially non-surgical recovery), training education & mentorship, and epigenetic factors in human performance & success.  An international presenter and lifelong learner, Sam is passionate about all areas of human potential, and takes great pride in helping others achieve their goals.