Photo of Alicia B

Alicia B.

Personal Trainer



    Thursday: 6am – 11am
    Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 8pm


    • W.I.T.S. Personal Training Certification Level 2


    I specialize in weight training, mobility training, and dance. I believe that combining strength and mobility training is an effective and reliable method
    to help achieve various goals including weight management, building strength, and increasing overall health

    Training Approach

    I believe that for a training program to be successful it must be one that you enjoy while still challenging yourself in new ways with every session. For me, this is the best way to ensure a client will stay committed to their goals and maintain the dedication to accomplish them. I put a strong emphasis on making sure each client’s program is catered specifically to their goals- whether that is to improve their physical health, mental health, or just to be active and have fun. I believe training can be a great addition to one’s life and am passionate about sharing the experience with others.

    How Alicia Measures a Clients Training Progress

    I like to measure progress in small wins on a session-to-session basis. This is why we will work together to create attainable and specific goals that clients can directly work towards every time they train. Signs of progress will look very different on everyone and can change throughout phases of training, but this may be lifting a little heavier, increasing range of motion, having more energy or simply showing up and giving each session your all. I will use various assessments to measure clients starting points and serve as a reference to track your improvements and progress towards the goals we have set.


    I was a competitive dancer for 12 years. Ever since I can remember I was spending 5-6 days a week at the dance studio and was extremely active my whole life. I loved the escape that dance and exercise gave me where I could tune out the distractions of everyday tasks and focus inwards on myself. When I stopped dancing I began working out as a way to stay healthy and incorporate exercise back into my life. After more than 3 years of consistent weight training, the gym has become my safe space, a place I can go and leave all the stress of school, work, and life behind and just focus on myself for that short portion of my day. This led me to obtaining my personal training certifications in hopes to help others do the same