Photo of Zophia

Zophia Piekut

Personal Trainer

    Carleton Athletics Personal Trainer


    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6am – 11am.


    • W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer
    • CPR / AED


    I enjoy working with all types of clients of different abilities, backgrounds & ages! I encourage all my clients to strength train as I believe it is the best tool to achieve any goal – from weight loss to improvement in sport to increased enjoyment of everyday life! I also put an equal emphasis on mobility and functional exercises, using these two tools as the basis of all programming for each of my clients. I incorporate my education and background in psychology to aid my ability to relate to and understand my clients, not only supporting them physically but mentally as well.

    Client Success Story:

    I had been working with a client for a year who he came to me while recovering from a neurological procedure. He was a former athlete and had very high expectations for himself to get back to where he used to be. This created a challenge as healing isn’t always linear and we needed to work through some mental and physical barriers before he could perform at his best. Toward the end of our time working together he had increased his confidence, performance in the gym and made huge strides in his mental health. This not only lead to success for him in the gym but in his personal life and at work. I love how clearly working with him showed the benefits of exercise and how they go far beyond the walls of the gym!

    Zophia’s Training Approach

    I believe that everyone’s goals are unique, and their programming should reflect that. During our consultation I will actively listen and work to understand your needs. Together, we will come up with measurable and attainable goals for you to reach. I like to use strength training as the foundation to any program and then add in any other training that will benefit you. Mobility is another key aspect of training that I implement for all of my clients. I believe that the decisions we make today will impact us tomorrow and in the following months and years to come, so why not make decisions that will support you in your future?

    How Zophia Measures a Clients Progress

    I create measurable goals with my clients so that we can see how much progress we have made each week. Keeping in mind, progress isn’t always linear we can use different tools to measure how far we have come. Progress looks different for everyone and could be losing a pound from one week to the next, gaining a pound, lifting 5 lbs more, going for more reps, running an extra km or anything that is relevant to their goals. I think the measurements used for each client need to be closely tied to their goals and flexible.

    Zophia’s Background

    I have been an athlete since I was a child, from soccer, to dance, swimming, gymnastics, track & field, basketball, football and ultimate, I have had a fair share of experience and opportunities to exercise and move my body. At the age of 15 I began doing at-home workouts which then progressed to my first gym membership. I have been lifting weights since and have completely fallen in love with the process. I truly believe that no matter what your goals are or how you enjoy moving you can do something each day to make your life a little bit better.