“I have made major gains in strength and flexibility since I started taking these classes! The instructors offer lots of alternatives for each movement, so you can have a challenging workout tailored specifically for your body even in group classes.” – Laura Horak (Professor)

Are you ready to put knowledge into practice? Our instructors will give you the tools you need in order to succeed. No more hoping for the best.

The Engine

How powerful is your engine? Can you rev it up to hit maximum effort? Cruise at good speeds without issue? The Engine Class focuses on developing all your metabolic pathways utilizing a spin bike.

Progressing over time and through classes, we will work aerobically and anaerobically with a mix of easy riding, hills, speed drills and more. Each class is carefully crafted to pump you up with energizing music and help you hit your personal potential and exceed it over time. You’ll leave this sixty-minute class eager for more.


Active Recovery

You can train every day, going hard once in a while. You can’t go hard every day. Active recovery is a class designed to make you trickle sweat, work on often ignored muscle groups, get a light stretch and maximize potential while minimizing the risk of injury.

Light Cardio Conditioning: A walk or easy jog in the fieldhouse track, a spin in the spin studio or a row on one of our rowing machines, we’ll keep it light to get your heart rate up, but keep impact forces down.

Strengthening: With bands and dumbbells we’ll work on minor muscles that people often ignore, but often contribute largely to injuries, such as the rotator cuff, TFL, adductors and abductors, gluteus medius, lower back and forearms.

Stretching: Light stretching of all major muscle groups, PNF stretches for common problem areas, such as the anterior shoulder capsule, upper pectorals, hips and lower back.


Functional Fitness

We define functional fitness as having the ability to perform everyday physical movements with relative ease. This means training the three planes of movement and the many movement patterns our body can perform. It’s not so often the perfect deadlift that goes wrong, but the slight twist in your spine when you move a couch with a friend, because the couch isn’t a perfectly balanced Olympic bar. For this reason, training rotational movements is just one of the many functional fitness considerations we have for this class.

In progressions over the many weeks this class runs, you will work on your strength, balance, rotation, agility, plyometrics, and more. Each class will have components of push, pull, squat, hinge and rotate while working through the different planes of movement. Some exercises, like the Turkish get-up, are complex but come packed with benefit because of their required concentration and movement patterns.


Skating – Beginner & Intermediate

Whether you’re preparing to get back on the ice for sports, or aiming to improve your comfort skating down the canal, this beginner and intermediate class is for you.

You’ll practice the fundamental skills of skating that’s right for you. The first class is set aside to gauge your skill level and drills will be programmed to meet the needs of the group and individuals.


Intro to Strength Training (Women Only)

What is strength training all about? How do you get started? Which exercises are the best ones? What about form? What if I can’t do a push up? Is it appropriate for weight loss?
Let us show you the answers! You will go from learning the theory behind the importance of strength training to mastering the technique behind bodyweight, free weight and barbell training.

Our instructors will take you through a progressive training program that will help you gain a better understanding of exercise and program design, help you increase your strength and, most importantly, your confidence in and out of the gym.





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