Fitness classes and programs

Let us help you get fit this year with one of our fun and invigorating fitness programs. With so many choices and great flexibility in program "not having enough time" should no longer be an excuse!

Fitness Passes

CUFit Pass

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a chore, so have fun and invigorate your body with one of our many fitness programs. Designed to suit all ages and abilities, all classes include a flexibility component and are delivered by high-quality, professionally certified instructors. If the complete pass is not right for you, you may register for any class individually. Get more information on the CUFit Pass pricing and how to sign up!



Don’t let two left feet keep you against the wall. With Carleton Athletics offering a wide selection of exciting dance classes, you’ll want to get your body moving in no time. From beginner to intermediate, everyone can kick up their heels and dance. So if you find your toe tapping when you hear a beat, then dance your way to one of our classes today!

Fitness Programs

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a chore, so let us help you Commit 2 Being Fit this year with one of our fun and invigorating group fitness or specialty programs. Work up a sweat in an intense boot camp session, strengthen your core with Pilates or step to the beat in a Step class. Whatever you’re looking to do, we have the program to improve your fitness level! With so many choices “not enough time” shouldn’t be an excuse anymore!

Personal Training


We have revamped our Personal Training Packages!

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Martial Arts

You may not consider yourself the karate kid just yet, but one of our martial arts classes is a great place to start. Our instructors skip the wax on, wax off routine and go straight to the action, ensuring that you experience a total body workout! Improve your fitness, coordination, self-discipline and self-defence capability while relieving stress and burning calories.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga will guide you to achieve a state of spiritual insight and tranquility while getting a total body workout . Our many yoga programs are suitable for the beginner to the more advanced practitioner. Pilates will improve your strength, flexibility and well being. As the weeks progress, the exercises will become more complex and form a repertoire that will enable you to practice on your own for years to come.